My three trade process to get Denver going again...

I've seen a few of these recently so i thought i'd pitch in...

#1 - Denver sends Kenneth Faried Andre Miller Jordan Hamilton, Future protected 1st for Greg Monroe, Charlie Villanueva, 2nd rd pick.

Greg Monroe is the type of big that would thrive in Shaw's system. Faried's defense is awful and i know i love his energy but he's a guy that will always keep us from every being a legit contender due to his defense. Cvill is for cap purposes only and will be dropped after year. Future 1st should be protected lottery this year and drop from there.

#2 - Denver sends Wilson Chandler and JJ Hickson and a 2nd rd pick to Houston for Omar Asik and Francisco Garcia.

Having Asik next to Monroe is a must. Monroe isn't the best defender and having Asik behind him would make up for his lack of lateral quickness. Houston is looking for a wing scorer to come off the bench and also a big man that can play both 4 and 5 when howard is out. Not sure they'd pick up Hickson's contract , but we can only hope lol. Garcia is just a fill in who we can buy out on offseason cheap since he has PO next year cheap.

#3 - Denver sends Mozgov, rights to Erick Green to Pelicans for Pierre Jackson, Aminu and 2nd rd pick.

WHY?!?! I know alot of you like Mozgov. With Asik and Mcgee, he's expendable. Getting Pierre Jackson is a little gamble but the little dude is putting up 30+ in dleague and was a monster in college. No doubt in my mind he will be a great bench scorer in the league. he's a gamer and a winner. NO wants a legit big man next to Unibrow. Mozgov has shown he's capable of being a starter in the league and a definite upgrade to Jason Smith and Stiesma. Aminu is a throw in to make salary work but i think he's a great wing defender that this team could use. Pelicans would ask for green to stash again like they've done with Jackson.

Sign Manny Harris from Dleague for rest of year. He will be our Jordan Hamilton. He played fairly well for LAL during his 20 day tilt with them. He can score.

With a top 10 Draft pick, i'd love to land Noah Vonleh from indiana. 6'10 PF with inside, outside game. I think he would be perfect compliment to Monroe and Asik.

I don't think Mcgee is movable at this point.

FA - resign aminu 2 year 5 mill. sign manny harris to a minimum 1 year. a veteran PG for vet minimum (Beno Udrih maybe). nothing fancy

Future Lineup

PG - Lawson, Pierre Jackson, Udrih

SG - Foye, Fournier, Manny Harris

SF - Gallo, Aminu, Q miller

PF - Monroe, Vonleh, Arthur

C - Asik, Mcgee, Randolph

This would put us around 61 (IF math is right) mill for next year without Monroe because he's a RFA...they keep saying cap will be around 75 next year before luxury tax. That gives us around 14 mill to play with which should be enough. I'd think he's worth around 12-13 per.


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