Evan Fournier blossoms as the Nuggets' season rolls on

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a recent loss to the lowly Utah Jazz, Evan Fournier has sparked the Nuggets and appears to be getting on a roll.

It's safe to say that Evan Fournier is feeling it.

In the last three games prior to last night's contest against the Warriors, Evan Fournier played an average of 25.3 minutes and recorded 17.7 points on 55.6% shooting from the floor, hitting an astonishing 58.8% on his three point attempts and collecting 4 rebounds a game. In fact, the Nuggets have not scored less than 101 points since their loss at home against the Philadelphia 76ers on January 1st. Fournier's shown that he is clearly deserving of more time on the floor, and with increased playing time the team has responded. He scored just 5 points on 2-4 shooting last night against the Warriors in 15 minutes.

The offensive explosion has been a welcome sight for a team that was sluggish and struggling during their recent 8-game losing streak. Here's hoping that Fournier will continue his hot streak and provide a much needed new look on offense as the team awaits the eventual return of Danilo Gallinari and JaVale McGee this season. Ty Lawson has expressed that the team has been running fewer offensive sets when on the floor, and instead are once playing the freeform style that has become such a hallmark of Nuggets teams in recent years.

Speaking of Ty Lawson, he recently challenged the Nuggets to step up their game against the Warriors, and the Nuggets exploded. They scored 65 first half points and were clearly outhustling the Warriors. It's rare to see Ty be so outspoken about the team's effort, but certainly welcome words to hear.

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