Kings Proposed Trade

As a person following the miserable Kings for the last three years, let me share some insight as to what Nuggets should do with this proposed trade.

1. Run, run and run faster away from Thornton. He looks like a mild-mannered dude with a nice outside three point shot, but after a few years of watching and following the Kings, I realize that he is not the real deal. He was great three years ago hitting the outside shot, but has been very inconsistent since then. He plays great defense, but he was part of the ego problem that has cursed the Kings -- hence, why they are trying to get rid of him. He's playing angry now and his shot is not going in. He is waaaaaay too expensive. And you get a two year present at $2.4 million a year. PASS.

2. Thompson. Nice guy. Nice big. Nice shot. Very expensive. Sadly, he is run of the mill. He won't give you much in terms of offense, but will fill a gap. His problem is his cost and commitment over the long run. This would be a good option #2.

3. The Jimmer. Yeah, he has pretty much been torn up over three years by crappy coaching -- and I mean crappy; Crappy owners, and very crappy teammates. He is starting to fit in after three years of trying. He was benched in favor of IT, who is fast and little, but wasn't the point guard Jimmer was in college and frankly shouldn't be the starting guard in SacTown. He was pushed ahead for the last two years by coaches and owners that didn't mind watching their team lose. Jimmer didn't get developed and is only now starting to see the court with any significant minutes -- and some of those have been fantastic like his recent 15 points in 16 minutes. Like every developing player, he lays an egg now and again and he continues to work to improve his defense -- which he is doing by the way.

Out of those three options, don't be blinded by color my friends. Lest we forget Jimmer proved that he was #1 in college and since that time has had no opportunity to develop (other than what he can do himself off season) with the Kings. Right now he is cheap and his contract only goes one year. He needs out of that pit called SacTown to do his thing. If the Nuggets don't like the way it is going, then at the end of the year, he is a free agent and they say goodbye to him.

As a resident of Fort Collins, I would buy tickets to see Jimmer just play 10 minutes a night. I think there are a good 5000 people just like me. He doesn't have to start, but as a team player coming off the bench -- he would be one helluva addition to the team. Personality-wise he fits wonderfully in a "team" and not with a bunch of selfish selfies like the Kings have -- and they will continue to lose with the crew they have.

One other thought. Jimmer's wife is from Denver area. He can be a hometown kid, just like Payton Manning. He can become part of the fabric of the community and be a long term player dedicated to the city and the team. That is the kind of player a town and team wants.

Lastly, I think Nuggets should take Jimmer with a one year extension so he can get adjusted and develop a bit. His confidence has been trashed by less deserving souls, so he needs a few pats on the back to get his legs back underneath him.

Might also note that Jimmer can play the 1 or the 2 very effectively. Malone of the Kings knows this and is actually hoping the Nuggets bite on Thornton so Jimmer can flip to the 2 position, but he is also realistic that he is likely stuck with the King of dinks, Thornton.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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