Choosing an identity - Contender or Pretender?

This is either a really good idea or terrible idea. I've been fairly bored by the waiting period now in the NBA. We have come to learn that Lawson and McGee are our building blocks and we will go as they go. However, looking around at players around the NBA that would fit with this team with the logjam we have at Power Forward. So why not get another Power Forward? ....

Golden State receives: Wilson Chandler, Brandon Bass and Andre Miller, plus a pick from Boston

Boston receives: Kenneth Faried, Anthony Randolph

Denver receives: David Lee, Klay Thompson and Jared Sullinger

Of course we would be giving up a couple in the process and acquiring the same number back, but this situation is better for our team than the last one IMO.

First, from Golden State's perspective, they have one too many starting caliber wing players, and need to clear up that logjam, so they send out Thompson and choose Harrison Barnes as Steph Curry's running mate with Andre Iguodala as their third option. However, by sending out David Lee as well they must acquire a starting quality PF as well. The Nuggets and Celtics help to meet their needs, specifically a high quality PG behind Curry and Bass as the PF. He has range, and his defense can be stellar at times, which is what they need out of a David Lee replacement. They get a quality sixth man in Wilson Chandler that can be a small ball 4 or come in for Harrison Barnes or Andre Iguodala at the wings.

Next is the harder part of the trade, but is also essential in facilitating it, sending Faried to a rebuilding Celtics team. The Nuggets already have too many Power Forwards in Faried, Hickson, Arthur and Randolph (don't get me started at the small ball minutes of Iggy, Gallo and Chandler from last year). Faried is a young building block that I have trouble parting with, but Boston would demand him or one of the other young studs on our team (Gallo, Lawson, Fournier), and if David Lee and Klay Thompson are the prize, then we can give him up. They are relieved of almost 6 mil in this deal and also get Faried which sounds like a steal, especially if the can swing a deal for Gerald Wallace. Then next year they will have Humphries coming off the books and more money to play with. They begin a core of Rondo, Jeff Green, Faried, and whoever they draft or sign next year.

Finally, our Nuggets. Are they contending this year? Are looking to rebuild? Are they happy with first round exits year after year or are they going to go for something more? This trade brings a championship feel to it as they find two new starters and a potential backup for the future. David Lee is a 20-10 guy who would be great playing pick and roll/pop with Lawson, posting up, and bring a good attitude to the team that will help the culture. Klay Thompson is the ideal player opposite Lawson in the backcourt. He brings height, a deep shooting stroke, defensive ability, and is a great building block for a team looking for more half court sets. Jared Sullinger also can be a bench big when called upon, but we can give him an opportunity to rest his body a bit more after a season ending injury.

The lineup with this trade becomes:

Lawson, Nate Rob, Fournier

Klay Thompson, Foye, Fournier

Jham, QMiller, Fournier (Gallo)

Lee, Hickson, Arthur

Mcgee, Mozgov, Sullinger

The hole I know everyone sees is who starts until Gallo comes back? We are going to have to rely on Jham/QMiller to bridge the gap for 20-25 games and hope we don't fall behind too far in this scenario, but I believe with the new system we would start off slow anyway. Also we may see a three guard lineup or a trade of Arthur and a pick for a stop gap player.

What this trade would tell me though is that the Nuggets really do want to win. They see the flaws in our current core and know how to fix them. Faried/McGee may develop into a good post scorer or they may not. It's a 50-50 thing. So why not trade for a proven commodity and let McGee experiment while David Lee teaches him some offensive moves? We had a problem with our two point guards in the game at the same time as well, and Thompson has the size and skills to play with Lawson and be twice as effective.

While I have some doubts, I also want to see them go for it. Even if this turns out to be an awful experiment, it lets us know what we have in our big three in Lawson, Gallo and McGee. If they can't become more than what they are, then we will know sooner than later. Just my two cents. Let me know what you think down below.

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