Stiffs Advice: Timmons' Vegas Summer League adventure

Las Vegs baby! - Robert Laberge

With the Nuggets adventures in Free Agent redundancy coming to a close, it's time for us to turn our focus to the Las Vegas Summer League ... featuring your Denver Nuggets and Denver Stiffs own Nate Timmons. What's your advice for Nate while in Vegas?

Vegas is one of my favorite places to go, like, ever. Long-time readers of Denver Stiffs will know I make frequent trips to Vegas for both business and just for the hell of it. My birthday is coming up next week, and I would have loved to have gone to Vegas for Summer League, see the new Nuggets draft picks, and "celebrated" by birthday Jeff Morton style. Which I will leave to your imaginations.

In the first installment for what will hopefully become a monthly feature here on Denver Stiffs, we ask for your advice concerning a subject. This week we will explore giving your best advice to Nate Timmons, who will be traveling to Las Vegas at the end of this week to cover the Nuggets Summer League experience. What should Mr. Timmons be aware of, participate in, look for or just generally avoid while he is covering the Nuggets Summer League team?

I asked this question on twitter, and here are some of the responses I got:

From our friend Les Shapiro:

From John Reidy of South Stands Fancast

I got several other items of advice that I cannot print on Stiffs. You get the picture though. My advice to Mr. Timmons? I definitely agree with Les in that he should eat at Mon Ami Gabi (at the Paris Hotel on the strip), one of my favorite places to eat in Vegas (outside of In n' Out). I cannot direct Nate to places that I would usually haunt because, well, reasons. I will leave it at that.

As for covering the Nuggets Summer League team? Have fun, and most importantly remember that Nicoloz Tskitishvilli was the Summer League MVP in 2002. Food for thought there. Someone may be lighting up the court there but that doesn't guarantee future performance. The best part of Summer League is getting to know the young players and enjoying the sense of NBA community in a wonderful setting.

Nate did a breakdown of the Summer League roster right here

Any advice you stiffs can give to your good friend Nate as he goes into the hot hot desert? Remember to bring sunscreen? Anything can help my friend as does his great work for Denver Stiffs in Vegas. Seriously though, Nate will be providing us at Stiffs with excellent in-depth coverage of Summer League that you won't get anywhere else in Denver. BOOM!

Vegas advice! Go!!


Twitter: @jmorton78!/jmorton78

My good friends at FND Films just finished their first movie, it's called Punching. I've been telling you about it since last year. It's great stuff. I encourage you to give the movie a watch right here.

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