A BurgundyWave in Need: The most philanthropic philandering philanthropist blog idea ever..

What does 10 years of generally good basketball and 9 years of playoffs get you? Well, for starters, a blog fan base easy to come by and even easier to hang on to. For some in the Denver sports blogging community, a few fans here and there aren't so readily available, no matter how well you write.

Denver has had pretty good sports teams over the last decade. Our basketball team has earned the playoffs year after year, our football team has been in the playoffs and today stands a great chance to make it to the Super Bowl, our hockey team won a Stanley Cup, and our soccer team won the championship just a few seasons ago...

Yet, for only one of those teams, the blog fans are hard to come by, despite the teams' success. I'm talking about the little cousin of the Denver sports market, the smaller brother on Dick's Sporting Goods Field.. I'm talking about BurgundyWave and the Colorado Rapids.

I'm not a fan of soccer, but I don't really need to be to know how nice participation can be in your sport. I couldn't even tell you how the Colorado Rapids are doing right now (I had to look up the name of the Rapids blog because I didn't even know we had one), but I can tell you an idea I have that might make the guys at BurgundyWaves' day:

A Stiffvasion..

We're talking about a blog that gets less than 1-5 people per post at tops. We're talking about writers who put together hard work and effort and probably don't get a lot of attention for it. We're talking about a perfect opportunity to make something out of the offseason doldrums, and something that might be kinda cool. Here's what I am proposing:

Saturday at 5PM there is a Rapids soccer game; there will be a game thread; there will be space to comment.. and there will be zero expectations of anyone posting anything at anytime ever... Let's light it up. No need to watch the game if you don't want to, no need to post more than once, but let's just fill the game thread with comments about the team, the game, and make that blogs' day.

It won't work if we can't get at least a few of us together to do it, but I really think it would be a cool thing to do, and frankly, we have a while until the next Nuggets' game..let's do something nice in the meantime.

Maybe everyone will be too busy, but I know all of you find some time to see what's on DenverStiffs just about everyday because it's such a good community, and I know you can find some time on Saturday for a fun cause.

For a little extra inspiration, please watch the following.

It made my day, and for some unknown people at the BurgundyWave it will do the same.

So, who's down?

Title credits to Russscot

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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