My 2013 Mock Draft

I figure with so many sites out there doing mock drafts, that I would do one as well, thanks to Denverstiffs for giving me the forum in which to do so.

1.Cleveland Cavaliers- Nerlens Noel C Kentucky, Gives the Cavs the ability to tank their way into next years draft while balancing their roster.

2.Orlando Magic- Trey Burke PG Michigan, Magic need a point guard, they have to go with needs here. They aren't going anywhere anyway, so it's a good time to give Vaughn a PG project.

3.Washington Wizards- Otto Porter SF Georgetown, D.C. is a perfect fit for the former Hoya

4.Charlotte Bobcats- Ben McLemore G Kansas, after he falls into their lap they can't resist going after McLemore here. I wanted to put him higher, but it didn't make sense roster-wise for those teams. They need a good Center, but Jordan never had one while he was playing, so they have to wait until later for that.

5.Phoenix Suns- G Victor Oladipo Indiana, This pick gives them what they need, athleticism and a guy who will make some of the guys they already have better with his intensity. Wouldn't be surprised if Jordan goes after him, and these two picks are inverted, but I think Oladipo will be better, which means Jordan will miss on him.

6.New Orleans Hornets- Anthony Bennett- SF/PF UNLV, El Busto for this draft I'm thinking.

7.Sacramento Kings- SF Shabazz Muhammad UCLA, They need a guy who can shoot from outside who is taller than 6' 3". Plus He's already in California which makes this a good fit for them.

8.Detroit Pistons- Michael Carter Williams PG Syracuse, Stuckey is now underperforming, this will give them the dedicated distributor they need.

9.Minnesota Timberwolves- C.J. McCullum Lehigh, Dynamic scorer who will take some of the pressure off Rubio and Love.

10.Portland Trailblazers- Rudy Gobert C France, Portland needs depth at every position probably at Center more because Hickson is an unrestricted free agent, and even if he comes back, he averaged fewer minutes than the rest of their starters.

11.Philadelphia 76ers- Kelly Olynyk C Gonzaga, They need an NBA ready center badly.

12.Oklahoma City Thunder- Allen Crabbe SG California, They need someone to replace the hole in the team left by James Harden's departure.

13.Dallas Mavericks- Dennis Schroeder PG Germany, Because he's German!

14.Utah Jazz- Shane Larkin PG Miami, This gives them their version of Ty Lawson.

15.Milwaukee Bucks- Mason Plumlee C Duke, Dalambert makes too much and maybe this helps them resign Redick?

16.Boston Celtics- Alex Len C Maryland, Because he's got to go somewhere, and the Celtics will need a center if they want to make another run with their current group.

17.Atlanta Hawks- Kentavious Caldwell Pope SG Georgia, Makes sense to keep him in Georgia.

18.Atlanta Hawks- Steven Adams C Pittsburg, Horford can go to the PF position if they lose Josh Smith.

19.Cleveland Cavaliers- Dario Saric SF Croatia, Not sure where he goes, but this seems like a decent fit.

20.Chicago Bulls- Jamaal Franklin SG San Diego St., Gritty player with a do anything to win motor will fit well with a gritty Bulls team.

21.Utah Jazz- Tony Mitchell PF North Texas, A replacement for Millsap here possibly?

22.New Jersey Nets- Reggie Bullock SF North Carolina, Gives them a much needed defensive stopper and a good 3 point shooter which will give Williams a kick out guy on the offensive end.

23.Indiana Pacers- Erick Greene PG Virginia Tech, Adds a dynamic back court scorer to a team that took Miami to 7 games. Maybe their answer to Dwayne Wade?

24.New York Knicks- Gorgui Deng C Louisville, A guy who will help give them an inside presence when Chandler comes off the floor. Knicks are not easy to forsee though, clouded the future is...

25.Los Angeles Clippers- Giannis Adetokunbo SF/PF Greece, Gives them a guy who can relace Odom, and who they can sell Paul on being the next big thing so he will stay with the team.

26.Minnesota Timberwolves- Sergey Kerasev SF Russia, The Timberwolves love Russians!

27.Denver Nuggets- Tim Hardaway Jr. SG Michigan, Because the Nuggets never draft my first choice, and this will give them depth at SG/SF in case Igoudala leaves, He's a well built SG/SF just like Igoudala who could develop into a really nice player, and is a good transition offense player as well.

28.San Antonio Spurs- Mike Muscala C Bucknell, Popovich seldom misses on guys and this gives him a guy to groom for Duncan's eventual replacement.

29.Oklahoma City Thunder- Nate Wolters PG South Dakota St., This move continues to replace the shooting that Kevin Martin leaves behind, and gives them someone to backup Westbrook at the point besides Reggie Jackson.

30.Phoenix Suns- Kenny Kadji PF Miami, Because I like him even though he's old at 25. Doesn't get much respect for the work he put in at Miami, and since the Suns got the pick from Miami they go ahead and draft the Miami guy.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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