Rapid Reaction to a Quick-Ending Year

Well....that was quicker than most of us expected.

Yes I am typing this 20 minutes after Game 6 and the let down of a bright season. That is the kind of mood I am in right now. We were so close! A phantom out of bounds call away from a possible return to Pepsi Center. Instead we are sent packing...smh.

This post is clearly reactionary without any real thought put into it, but here I go.

1: Andre Iguodala needs to be a Nugget long term. His play with Ty Lawson this season plus any future chemistry will shore up the backcourt for years. His all around play and stifling defense were huge in winning us two games. He almost single handedly pulled this one out as well. As Gallinari gets back healthy, those are three guys that I want to see as Nuggets for the rest of their careers.

2: Corey Brewer needs to go. He was 1/8 tonight in the playoff elimination game. He jacked up awful shots this entire series, and his "pesky" defense accomplished nothing more than reach-in fouls every time he bodied someone up. He can't be allowed that long of a leash, and even if he is signed again, he needs someone to limit his takes.

3: Kosta Koufus and Wilson Chandler need to be packaged together this off season for a true big center that eats up every board. That is one of the few missing pieces. Bogut had 21 boards tonight...Faried and McGee had that, which is progress, but I still feel a skilled big man is needed like a Kevin Love that can do everything for our offense down low and on the perimeter. I don't have enough confidence that Javale can be either.

4. Julyan Stone should get more PT for Andre Miller. He has great ability on Defense and can run an offense and distribute well. Andre may retire soon and we need to find out who will replace him.

5. We used 8 guys in the rotation tonight. I was really hoping for Karl to dive into the bench when things weren't going well but then again it is the playoffs...

My ideal depth chart for this team next year:

PG: Lawson, Miller/Stone split

SG: Iggy, Fournier, any perimeter shooter above 38 percent 3 pt

SF: Gallo, Jham, Qmiller

PF: Pau Gasol / David West type, Faried, Randolph

C: McGee, Mozgov, bench guy

We are so close. Untimely injuries and bad matchups didn't help, but that's no excuse. Next year is really bright, but we need one more piece inside and one more piece outside to be taken seriously next year.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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