Trade Wilson Chandler for draft picks?

Draft Trades Brainstorming:

I remember reading somewhere on this site of the idea to trade Wilson Chandler for the Cavs 19th and 31st picks in the 2013 NBA Draft. Do people that that's worth the trade (if not, what is Wilson Chandler worth in terms of trade value)? If that turns out to be the case the Nuggets will have the 19th, 27th, and 31st overall picks in the upcoming draft. Who would you like to see drafted with those picks?

What the Nuggets need:

The conventional saying (other than the fact that teams need a star player) is that the Nuggets need better shooters to improve on their overall terrible free throw and three point shooting percentages. The Nuggets also lack a tough big man to bang in the post that will muscle their way for baskets on one end, and make it tough for the opposing team to score in the paint (somewhat in the mold of Marc Gasol...and less gimmicky defense like what JaVale McGee plays right now). Lastly, there's a lot of talk of needing a backup point guard for the future instead of over relying on Andre Miller.

Prospects that come to mind:


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - 6'5 Shooting Guard (Georgia)

CJ McCollum - 6'3 Combo Guard (Lehigh)

Allen Crabbe - 6'6 Shooting Guard (California)

Sergey Karasev - 6'7 Small Foward (Russia)

Alex Abrines - 6'6 Shooting Guard (Spain)

Big Men:

Gorgui Dieng - 6'10 245 lbs Power Foward (Louisville) - Strong Defense with solid mid-range jumper

Mouhammadou Jaiteh - 6'11 250 lbs Center (France) - Big banger, only 18 and has potential

Steven Adams - 7'0 250 lbs Center (Pittsburg) - Athletic Young and big, raw but has potential

Jeff Whithey - 7'0 240 lbs Center (Kansas) - Strong Defense

Point Guards:

CJ McCollum - 6'3 (Combo Guard with great shooting ability)

Dennis Schroeder - 6'2 (Lighting quick pass first point guard, solid shooting touch)

Lorenzo Brown - 6'4 (Strong defensive point guard)

Erik Green - 6'3 (Combo Guard with solid shooting ability)

Myck Kabongo - 6'2 (Lighting quick point guard...lack shooting touch)

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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