No Room for Doom and Gloom

I have thought long and hard about what I wanted to say tonight, if anything. Emotions are understandably high. Despair is settling over the mile high faithful as Gallo's horrific injury runs roughshod through our minds.

But tonight I am telling you all, my friends, that this will not derail us this season. I am here to tell you that our ceiling is just as high tonight as it was before tip. Surely you think I am mad. Allow me to elaborate.

As I see it a high percentage of stiffs have fallen squarely into the camp of 'no hope for this season'. A number of stiffs have gone so far as to write off next season as well. I believe we are forgetting a few things about this very special team:

  1. This team, like no other perhaps in NBA history, is the epitome plug and play production.
    George Karl, for all his faults, has constructed something truly unique and exciting out of Masai's embarrassment of riches roster. On a team that is stacked with quality players 1-12, Karl has time and time again proven that emphasizing teamness and playing the right way will yield not only victories, but success in general. Before we write off this season, we should be mindful that there are versatile, dynamic bench players ready to take Gallo's place. Which brings me to my next point...
  2. Wilson Chandler: The Boy from Benton Harbor. It is true. We have a criminally underplayed starter to step up and receive more minutes (whether he starts or not). I count myself as a Gallo apologist despite his middling FG percentage, but there is no denying Wilson is a great rebounder, a tough defender for his size, and an extremely efficient player in his limited time this season. One need only compare WCs numbers to Gallos (accounting for playing time) to see that he can produce like the Chicken when needed. Can Danilo's 33 minutes a game be replaced wholly by Chandler? Of course not. Which is why we look to...
  3. The Bench and the Underplayed. I am talking about you Brewer (24 mpg). Talking to you Mcgee (18 mpg). Kenneth? I know you are good for more than 28 mpg. Fours, Randolph? Time to pull up your big boy playoff britches and make a dent! What I mean is that with such a deep roster all season...Karl has had the (wonderful) dilemma of not having enough minutes to go around. Guess what's not a problem anymore. It will be his job to slot the most productive men into those empty minutes. I believe the coaching staff capable and I know this team will rise to the occasion. Lastly...
  4. There is just something damn special about this team! Call it destiny. Call it amazing chemistry. Call it buying in. Whatever you call it, these Nuggets have impressed me in a way that no other Nuggets team (not 94, not 09) has to date. They possess a certain joie de vivre that cannot be trampled over. They are fiercely PROUD. They play within themselves and FOR the man next to them. If this season is a civil war charge then we are nearing the top of that hill, screaming like mad for the playoffs! I believe fellow stiff Goeldfinger summed it up best (and inspired me to write this) saying "I promise. No matter what happens, these guys aren’t gonna give up on the title and on their fallen teammate, or this city. In conclusion, what I think I'm trying to say is, these guys will NEVER give up. Never."

Start the slow clap ladies and gentleman. I could not agree more. I apologize for using that quote without your knowledge Goeld but it's just too well said. In summation, and thanks for sticking with me, let us not forget what got us to possibly the most successful season in franchise history! Let us not forget what great heights we have propelled ourselves to after that scheduling albatross was off our backs! This team IS special and they deserve better than us writing them off so early. Let's put the NBA on notice Denver. Root harder than you have ever rooted before. I know they will show up every, single, game from now until their season ends. Will Gallo's absence and a dinged up Ty hurt us? Absolutely. Would we fare better if they were 100%? Most definitely. But if there is one thing I have learned this very special season...

Do not mistake these Nuggets for pyrite! Our future CAN be very golden indeed. So chin up stiffs. Finish the drink in front of you (no doubt salted with tears of despair). There is simply no room for doom and gloom. Thanks for reading and go Nuggets!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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