Denver Nuggets Draft options for this year

I think the Nuggets should strongly consider drafting either one of the three in Mouhammadou Jaiteh, Sergey Karasev, and Dennis Schroeder or try to get a combination of two of them by potentially trading cash for s couple of second round picks.

Below are articles of the three prospects on Draftexpress, and

The reason I believe these prospects can help us short and long term are the following.

Prospect #1

Sergey Karasev - Reading through those articles and watching some of his highlights, Karasev is a great shooting, hitting from 49% of his three point attempts averaging 4 attempts a game. His free throw shooting percentage is also at 82%. With the Nuggets sorely in three point shooting and free throw shooting, having a deadly shooter on the team would elimate those 0 - 22, 2 - 19 type of three point shooting nights, and also improve our free throw percentage. On top of the shooting, the video analysis also mentions Karasev as a seasoned pro who is decent at passing and cutting to the basket as well.

Prospect #2

Mouhammadou Jaiteh - He measured in at 6'11 in shoes and 250 pounds at the Nike Hoop Summit. He is the very definition of a space eater, being very well built with muscle at just age 18. In the Pro B league in France (the league Evan Fournier played in last year), Jaiteh managed to average 16.7 points and 10.1 rebounds while shooting over 65% from the field and nearly 70 % from the line. It is mentioned that at the Nike Hoops Summit, he was probably the best rebounder there, as he also had a solid developing post game. I remember reading George Karl mentioning how Javale McGee does not play well with Kenneth Faried on the court due to a similarity in skill sets. Enter Mouhammadou Jaiteh who could very well become a less selfish All Jefferson type player who gives us a banger in the post that brings easy buckets along with a different type of big man opposite to McGee coming off the bench. In the long run, both may grow to become the starting C and PF (as I think their positions can be interchangable).

Prospect #3

Dennis Schroeder - All season long, a lot of us have been ambivilant with Andre Miller. He gives us some amazing games, but plays such terrible defense, that his impact becomes negative if he isn't producing much on offense. Now wouldn't be a bad time to find someone to replace backup PG duties for the future. Schroeder, like Lawson is a burner and has a lot of speed and quickness, he is also a decent playmaker/passer. The articles seem to say his shot is still a work in process, but by no means bad. What is also very notworthy from the articles is that Dennis has a great wingspan and plays very pesky defense. We all know Ty tries his best on defense, but due to his 5'11 frame, and 6'0 wingspan, there is only so much Ty can do on defense. Thus bringing in a high potential lockdown defender at the PG position could do wonders for us in the future.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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