Negativity...Enough to make a stiff go soft

I've had it! Stiffs, I'm done. I have followed and loved you all from afar (creepy I know), perusing the forums almost every day. I have read all of your rants: Your ups, downs, and everything in between since '08 but today I say enough. I am done.

I have come to the conclusion that Denver as a fan-base (half of which does not care about basketball whatsoever) simply cannot get over their own niggling suspicions, conspiracy theories, and downright negativity about our Nuggets in general.

Before I continue, allow me to say I am NOT an expert. I do NOT have all the answers. But I have come to the realization that this is not the place for me (or ANY rational basketball fan for that matter) to come to for sound discourse about the Nuggets.

I have loved the Nuggets since 2001 (not long I know). I fell in love with a slow paced, scrappy team whose main contributors consisted of Nick Van Exel and Juwan Howard. I had been living in Col. for about 9 years. I grew up watching the Bad Boys repeat in Detroit as a 6-7 year old boy and loved them in my youth. I found this Nuggets team as a 17 year old to be lovable, defense oriented, and really fun to root for (mostly because you knew they weren't gonna win).

Flash cut to present day, riding all of the crazy first round bounces and offense first (one pass and a shot) play that plagued us for years (save our magical run in 09, a great time in my life). I am here to tell you that I DISAGREE vehemently with some of you about a few things and for the few still reading I will elaborate.

1. "George Karl is a bad coach"...when it is convenient for me (in that I will blame him for every loss and credit players for every win). I am sorry, George Karl is a top twenty coach OF ALL TIME. Granted he is in the lower tier of that conversation but GOD you all are so spoiled! I am a relatively new Nuggets fan compared to most of you all and yet all I hear EVERY loss is Karl bashing. When a simple cursory glance at +/- regarding rotations, regular season victories, managing disparate personalities, etc more than proves his worth (dare I say genius). We would be NOTHING without Karl. You want to know the reason we haven't achieved more than a first round victory in all but one season...because we were NOT the better team in any of those series (6 vs 3 seed Clippers series being only possible exception, maybe). Say what you want about the NBA playoffs but IMO it rewards the better team 9 times out of ten with a series victory. Stop blaming Karl for bad rotations, lack of play calling, etc. Karl is not Pop. No one is Pop. Is he immune to criticism? NO. But wishing for greener pastures is simply ignorant IMO. Nuggets have assembled an excellent coaching staff/mgmt. team in the last 3 years in particular. To surmise that you know more than men whose JOB it is to collect data, study tendencies/analytics is downright dumb. Karl KNOWS what he is doing. He knows how to win and the reason he hasn't won in the playoffs (early 90's upset to our 8 seed Nuggets notwithstanding) is because he SHOULD have lost all of those series. We simply did not have the better team. Next point...

2. Andre Miller. I admit I am a little biased here because I love what he brings to a team. After watching EVERY game this season except three, I cannot fathom how you all simply scapegoat Miller every time he does not HERO a team to victory, which he has. Is Andre Miller a good defender? Not particularly. Is he a valuable backup/sixth man/veteran hybrid? Absolutely. A man who gets me 10, 6, a steal and three rebounds at 49% and is the best FT shooter on the team in sixth man type minutes is not a problem IMO. Again I feel most stiffs watch Andre's play having already made up their minds that he is a detriment to this team. Ask Portland and Philly if they would LOVE to have him back. But of course all of you armchair stiffs know MUCH more than Karl and YOUR ideas certainly would turn this team into an instacontender right? I love our PGs. There offsetting skills compliment the units that they traditionally play with and I wouldn't have it any other way. We all neglect to acknowledge the fact that rotation D is the single BIGGEST weakness for our TEAM defense as a whole. Is Andre a part of that? YES. But to single him out, to the extent that we are capturing screens of plays (wrongly I might add in the case of mavs game, see redacted text in recap) is simply biased. Our whole team has had problems covering three balls and rotating all season long and it is not up to Miller to bare the brunt of that blame alone.

3. I was going to address the lack of love for CBrew and the rose colored opinions of Gallo here but I actually feel the stiffs have done a decent job seeing Wilson Chandler for what he is...a slightly better player than Gallo (before flaming I suggest you delve into career stats and efficiency before lambasting me, not to mention the fact that he is more athletic). I love Gallo but if Melo consistently put up % like him, we would KIIIIIILLLL him. Funny how a lovable white guy (and I LOVE Gallo) who shoots under 42 percent is given so much lee way when I know you all have criticized Anthony for much much less in the past. Here's a fun game look up JR Smiths stats (career) and Gallos. You will notice alot of similarities...despite JR NEVER starting and playing like 5 minutes less throughout career. As for CBrew I am glad that some are recognizing his role (to provide unbridled energy off bench and to score). But CBrew went 6-20 tonight! Well, It's his job to score off the bench. Is he perfect no, but he is NOT a problem on this team (esp on a bench that is devoid of a true shooter, although Fours may soon fill that void) and Brew provides an energy that cannot be matched by anyone on the team save AI9 and Faried.

4. Lastly I'll say to the 3 of you still reading this that I'm tired of excuses. Never before have I seen such an intelligent fan-base (I do not count most Denverites because they could care/know less about Bball, hear me Kiszla?) be so god damn insecure and knee jerk. AKA no credit for achievements, all the blame for ONE loss here and there. We all should be damn proud of our team since 2003. We have done EXACTLY what we should have done every year in postseason (09 included as much as it pains me to say it). What do you want? A Ship? So do I. Thunder (who in all honesty are currently better than us, flame me if you want you can't argue otherwise) haven't even shipped yet (they won't this year because Heat are way too good). I am just damn sick of all this Stern button (Kings series nonwithstanding), Laker conspiracy, WE NEVER GET CALLS...except when we do mentality. Talk about biased and just plain whiny. Sheesh. Question: If everything is rigged and refs hate Nugz why do you even post here/waste time watching NBA? Go play sudoku or something. Guess what Denver, you're a big boy city with a fucking amazing sports tradition. Time to act like it and stop blaming the big markets. See the forest for the trees and assess our Nuggets fairly for once.

In conclusion I will apologize to all the reasonable, rational, team loving, and positive stiffs out there. THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR YOUR EYES. This is to all the criers who dine on grumblecakes every morning and wail on forums, thereby infuriating me and making Nuggets fans look paltry and unappreciative in the process.

Understand stiffs, this is the GREATEST Nuggets team ever assembled! One more win and that is indisputable. Am I against criticism, frustration, sadness, and general malaise? NO. I am simply against unfounded negativity (sometimes bordering on personal attacks). You all probably hate me now but I needed to iterate just how I feel in leaving you all.

I, for one, will watch our inevitable second round or WCF collapse with a tear in my eye (as I have done every year since 03). I am just a powder blue blood lover and realist...imploring you to to take a step back the next time you post here. You represent a proud city. My favorite city on this earth. Be angry with our Nuggets at times. Be furious with Karl's rotations. Be livid with refs when they do us something dirty. But above all, be NUGGETS FANS. Be faithful and be a voice that doesn't falter or doubt in the face of adversity. BE THE FANS YOU WISH ALL FANS WERE.

With that I say goodbye stiffs. I can't thank you enough for the laughs, the joy, and the tears I've shared (in secret with you all). GO NUGGETS!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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