Been a hot minute...a message on teamness

What's up Denver Stiffs, fam?!?

I used to be a semi regular contributor here, but then 2 jobs and my 4th kiddo got in the way. I still have watched every game and keep up via the Twitter whenever possible, just haven't posted anything in quite some time.

I got to looking into the Hollinger stats on ESPN and it's clear why this team is so dangerous come playoff time. Here are some things to consider:

The Nuggets have 6 players in the top 80 when considering EWA (estimated wins added). Compare that with the Heat who have 3 in the top 15 and then 0 into the top 80.

When you look at Value add, the Nuggets have a top 20 player at every position using all the NBA:
Ty Lawson - 10th PG
Andre Igoudala - 9th SG
Danilo Gallinari - 8th SF (he's on there as 9, but they have Faried as a SF)
Corey Brewer - 20th SF
Kenneth Faried - 7th PF
Mcgee (18th) Koufos (21st) - C
Consider that Andre Miller is sandwiched between John Wall, Jeremy Lin, and Eric Bledsoe and you realize we have a great bench and the most consistent starting 5 in the game. Also, we just read that Wilson Chandler might the most valuable player on the team and he's not even mentioned here.

Those of us on here who follow the Nuggets every game (probably a lot), know that they are capable of throwing up some dud games. However, the NBA playoffs are long and certainly the Nuggets have shown they don't have too many in a row. We legitimately have 9 guys who have shown this year that they can take over a game a carry the team. That's tough to compete against in the playoffs. I think it's very fair to throw them into the "legitimate shot to win the Finals" conversation. IF, and it's a big if, they can pull out a win in OKC, on the second night of a back to back after playing in out.

I was able to go to Game 2 of the WCF in LA back when they went non-AC and won the game. It was the first time in my life as a Nuggets fan (since 1988 when I was a ball boy) that I realized they could be the best team in the NBA and win it all. Split in LA, going back to DEN, I had very good reasons to believe this (As we all did).

Right now...I'm starting to believe this same thing again.

Go Nuggets!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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