Proposed Trade Idea

Denver Nuggets Trade:

- Kenneth Faried

- Wilson Chandler

- Andre Miller

- Darrell Arthur

Denver Nuggets Receive:

- Greg Monroe

- Tony Mitchell

- Rodney Stuckey

Why the Nuggets should make this trade:

In Brian Shaw's new offense, he wants to play inside out which doesn't seem to fit the talents of Faried which would be to play within a run and gun offense. Rumor has it that the front office is gauging Faried's value on the market now due to an upcoming extension Faried would have to go through next year. Enter Greg Monroe, who I think is well on his way to stardom. Monroe is your traditional back to the basket PF/C who can also hit the mid-range jump shot, this will give the Nuggets an anchor in the post that Brian Shaw was looking for. Monroe can also be a cornerstone/star of the Nuggets going forward.

Post Trade Depth Chart:

PG: Ty Lawson/ Nate Robinson/ Rodney Stuckey

SG: Evan Fournier/ Rodney Stuckey/ Randy Foye

SF: Danilo Gallanari/ Quincy Miller/ Anthony Randolph/ Jordan Hamilton

PF: Greg Monroe/ JJ Hickson/ Anthony Randolph/ Tony Mitchell

C: JaVale McGee/ Greg Monroe/ Timofey Mozgov

Why the Pistons should make this trade:

Monroe is due for a contract extension, and the team just signed Josh Smith to a long-term contract. Rumor has it that the Piston's aren't sure where Monroe fits in their long term plans as Josh Smith is more suitable playing the PF position. If that's the case, this trade would give the Pistons a great energy player in Faried to compliment their ultra athletic lineup, they will put Josh Smith back at his natural position giving Wilson Chandler the starting 3 position. Darrell Arthur can help with their front court defense, and Andre Miller can help tutor Brandon Jennings on proper PG play.

Post Trade Depth Chart:

PG: Brandon Jennings/ Andre Miller/ Will Bynum/ Peyton Siva

SG: Chauncey Billups/ Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

SF: Wilson Chandler/ Kyle Singler/ Darrell Arthur

PF: Josh Smith/ Kenneth Faried/ Jonas Jerebko

C: Andre Drummond/ Josh Harrellson

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