Some More Trades

Hypothetical trades have been a hot topic here over the past month so I figured I throw a few more out there.


Why it Works: Mozzy and Randolph aren't really playing at all, and Boston may see it appealing to get a young player in return for Terry since they are not having the season they hoped for. Terry gives the Nuggets the shooting and veteran leadership that they desperately need, and Boston gets a big with potential. Only downside to this is that the Nuggets don't help out their minute distribution problem of wing players.


Why it Works: Denver, while it obviously loves Lawson, has to find a more consistent scoring option and more consistent PG play. Mbah a Moute was nearly signed by the Nuggets a couple summers ago so I know the front office has an interest there. However the problem here is that Jennings, while a good shooter, has no contract after this year and we could risk losing him for nothing. Dallas may start to look for younger options since they are greatly underachieving, but they may not want to give up lots of money this summer. The Bucks would get a couple of nice players that could help them stay competitive the remainder of this year, while giving them plenty of cap room this summer to build around Monta Ellis. Overall this trade would be pretty unlikely considering that Denver still likes Lawson and the Mavs want lots of cap room this summer so they can make a run at CP3/DH12.


Why it Works: The Nuggets may like Miller, but Calderon actually has played better this year and shoots much better from long range. The Rockets have been publicly displeased with White and it was rumored that Denver had interest in drafting him. This trade also gets the Nuggets a little more cap flexibility after this season. The Raptors probably wouldn't be to fond of this one since Morris is arguably the only beneficiary player they get from this, unless they were able to resign Mozzy. I think the Rockets love this trade as they get a good, experienced player in Miller to help guide them to the playoffs and a nice rotational piece in Chandler who could possibly evolve into something more in the future. At the end of the day, I think this trade would be a lot more fair and have a better chance for success if the Rockets tossed in a 1st rd pick to the Raptors. Then I think this deal would be very good.


Why it Works: The Nuggets get a bona fide shooter in Richardson who also offers a bit of veteran leadership. Burks is a decent prospect, as with Allen. This trade would hinge on how Chandler is playing. The 76ers would love this trade as they get a serviceable big in Mozzy and a really good player in Millsap would get help them in the playoffs. The Jazz might not bite, however they do get a couple good young players in Young and Chandler. Again, Chandler would have to prove that he is worth the Jazz giving up Millsap for or there is no way this one happens.

Thanks to all that took the time to read over these! Please post comments below!

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