What do stiffs think of acquiring Al Jefferson

Denver Nuggets:

PG - Ty Lawson / Andre Miller / Julyan Stone

SG - Wilson Chandler / Evan Fournier / Corey Brewer

SF - Danilo Gallinari / Corey Brewer / Quincy Miller

PF - Al Jefferson / Derrick Favors / Anthony Randolph

C - Kosta Koufus / Javale McGee

Utah Jazz:

PG - Mo Williams / Jamaal Tinsley / Earl Watson

SG - Andre Iguodala / Randy Foye / Alec Burks

SF - Marvin Williams / Gordon Hayward / Jordan Hamilton

PF - Paul Millsap / Kenneth Faried / Damarre Carroll

C - Enes Kanter / Timofey Mozgov

Nuggets do this because:

Such a trade is essentially helping both teams in that the Nuggets have a logjam with several strong wing players and the Jazz having a logjam with their big man. It's essentially trading Iguodala's one year deal for Al Jefferson's one year deal (Jefferson would be an upgrade to Faried), where we lose Iguodala, we have enough depth to end up with minimal drop off in our guard play with Wilson Chandler now healthy along with Evan Fournier coming along plus Corey Brewer's energy. We obviously gain some post presence on the offensive end, along with a player with potential in Derrick Favors (in exchange for Faried & Hamilton). Overall, I think such a trade would really benefit our team's offensive balance where Jefferson would really demand attention, which in result would open up space for Gallo, Chandler, and Lawson to shoot three pointers, along with open up some minutes for Evan Fournier to develop.

Jazz do this because:

Al Jefferson is undersized at the center position, this would open up the position to Enes Kanter who is legit 6'11 and just as big to start at the center position (their high draft pick). His front court mate would be Paul Millsap who would now be backed up by Faried if they need someone to boost their energy and grab some rebounds. Having Mozgov as a backup center would also be a cheaper option as they develop Kanter, and give Mozzy some playing time (which he really does deserve, and could get should this trade go down). What the Jazz get is Iguodala to solidify their backcourt along with Jordan Hamilton to develop (who along with Alec Burks could essentially become their future starting back court in a few years).

Overall, this trade would seem to benefit both teams in the future without either team forgoing much of a drop-off in the immediate future in terms of the win-loss column. Obviously this is just a sudden idea that came up and I'm sure many probably disagree with such idea. Feel free to make comments, edits, rejections to this post!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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