Fours portrait

Hey nuggets fans, here's a paper on Fours that was published a few days ago in "Le Parisen" in France. For the one of you who had no idea of who the frenchman is this might be a little bit helpful to understand why he was drafted so high. Sorry if the translation is approximative.

No particular manifestation of joy. Just a smile and the feeling of getting what he came for. "I've never seen a player so relaxed at this time," says his agent, Jeremy Medjana. However, this Friday, June 29 in New York, Evan Fournier entered into an exclusive club. At age 19, the young basketball player became the 21st player in French history to be drafted in the NBA, by the Denver Nuggets. Born in Saint-Maurice October 29, 1992, he grew up and played at Charenton (2000 to 2007) and then wore jerseys of the National Institute of Sport ( INSEP, Paris, 2007-2009) and then in pro B in Nanterre (2009-2010), before Poitiers in Pro A.

Before opting for basketball at the age of 7 years, little Evan has tested many disciplines. Natural atavism. International judokas, his parents Francis (multiple European champion) and Meriem met in the early 1980s on the tatami of the National Institute of Sport ( INSEP). For them, sport is a cardinal value in education. Because of baby sitting issues she will take him to te club where she's giving Judo lessons. He will be enrolled in Baby-gym, athletics and even water-polo. "He will only swimming," laments his father. In September 2000, his parents took him to basketball at Charenton. "Love at first sight! " says François.

An infinite passion for basketball

Since that day, Evan has always a ball in his hands. Many basketball posters were stucked on the walls of his room. "But it was a decoration, he has never been a fan of anyone," says his father. Tall as three apples, he will defy bigger boys on the playground next to his parents home and shoot... for hours. "He has always practiced beyond reasonable, says father. At nine, he played every day. We were vigilant about his health and rigorous in some areas such as education or bedtime, but you can not prevent a passionate kid.

Every morning on the way to school, Evan mime shoots ... without the ball. Quickly, coaches Charenton feel that little "out of the lot." His reputation spread. An anecdote: A coach from another commitee motivates his team of juniors explaining Evan gets up every day at 7:00 to make shots before school. "Some young wanted to come here to play with Evan, "says Gregory Caruhel his coach during his final year at Charenton.

A Insep among the best

After seven years on the court of Charenton Evan pass the selection tests "like everyone else" and includes, in September 2007, the INSEP. A place he knows well. His parents met there and have worked as athletes and assistant manager for the father. "Kid, he came with me when I became a coach and he saw guys like judoka Stéphane Traineau (note: multiple world champion and Europe) vomiting after suffering training sessions, remembers Francis. He has always understood the importance of work to be efficient. "

At the Insep, frequented by Tony Parker and Boris Diaw few years earlier, Evan is surrounded by the best players of his generation. "If he was not a model student, he never dried a school day because it would have private from practice, it was inconceivable to him, his father said. I know he has even recovered the keys of the court to go to train there at 2 o'clock in the morning when it is forbidden and the juvenile building doors are closed to 23 hours. "

At Nanterre, his first steps towards professionalism

August 2007, one year before the end of the normal Insep program (3 seasons in 3rd national level), Evan decides to leave the Bois de Vincennes to Nanterre (then Pro B, 2nd national level and professionnal). Since its creation, only two players (with Tony Parker) have shortened their stay. He is convinced that another one year in National penalize its progression. His parents, who insist he spends his tray are initially refractory, then change their minds after Euro juniors held in August Metz where he finished in final. "Nanterre, this is ideal, the applicant explained at the time. It is not far from my home, this is a club that allows youngs to play and allow me to progress. "" He discovered the pro world, he was happy to be where he wanted to be, says Francis. He was alone in an apartment, he was alone to shops his food, cook a meal ... But it was a step towards emancipation ... " However, after a season where he took home the trophy for best young, he decides to run in Pro A in Poitiers. "We put his foot in the stirrup in pro but he has led his young career wisely, says Pascal Donnadieu, coach of Nanterre. This is anything but a surprise he is drafted. He did not need to talk about NBA, everybody, the staff or his teammates knew that he would go one day. It was written. "

And now, America!

It was written and announced. Barely 10 years old, Evan said with aplomb his parents that he will play in the NBA. "He always said he would only Insep two years, one in two in Pro B and Pro A before going to the NBA, says François Fournier. He traced his way and, for the moment, he holds it. So far, he has not seen his plan down but it is not finished". The draft is not an end in itself for Evan. He wants to become a major element in a team that plays the title. Moments after the ceremony of the draft, the U.S. players spoke only to have fun, he did not understand. The next day at 7:00, he left his parents to Denver to work. " Determination and mental ability speaking, he is off the charts, says Gregory Caruhel. For him, the higher is the step, the higher the stakes are high and he is more efficient. So far, he has climbed all the steps, this is only one more".

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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