M(eme)onday Special: 2011-2012 a season in review


The 2011-2012 nba season was many things. It was special, shortened, fun, exciting, injury filled, fast, compressed, and certainly interesting. It brought disappointment in the careers of previously established players (Lamar Odom, Baron Davis, Rashard Lewis), and brought rise to newbies to the careers of others( Kenneth Faried, Ryan Anderson, Kyrie Irving).

With this, I wanted to bring out some of the most interesting and important events which have graced the nba season this past year... and turn them into nba memes. I've gathered some of these from around the internet, and made some as well. And of course, I've added in the big events that have graced our own Denver Nuggets. Without further ado, (ENJOY)

The 2011-12 season began oddly enough by not starting at all. We entered the fall with the LOCKOUT


Our Nuggets kept busy during the lockout...


Just when we all thought it was over, Stern has one of his famous change of hearts.



Soon (not soon enough), everyone came to their senses, and we finally had a brand new CBA agreement with a new season opening up Christmas Day 2011. Before we got to that though, we had a couple of preseason trades.

Cuban decided it was time to break up the championship team...6 months after the championship


Chris Paul decided he wanted to be traded to the Lakers. I'm not exactly sure why..


Then David Stern decided to get involved. The trade to the clippers was canned, and they said nothing weird would happen with the league owning the Hornets...


Eventually Paul was finally traded to the Lakers Clippers, and all was good in the world because flop lop city was born. Another strong team was now formed in a big market.


Although, it happened before the season started, The Denver Nuggets had made an offseason move as well.


Soon enough, the nba season was upon us. With Danilo Gallinari leading the charge, the Denver Nuggets came out at a blistering winning streak (14-5 in their first 19) and grabbing the 2nd seed early.



Not even on the team yet...


Oh and the mozgovernment became our starting center!


Meanwhile there were other major developments happening across the NBA landscape. First we visit New York were Balkman returned to the court after years of bench warming.


In Laker land, Kobe was heard at work challenging Durant for the NBA scoring title.



In San Antonio, the spurs were proving that age didn't mean they couldn't still be great.





In Oklahoma City, the thunder were doing their thing as well


And last but not least the Miami Heat were experiencing the YEAR OF BOSH memes





February brought the Denver Nuggets much distress as injuries started to fill the team. Nene sat out for an extended period as did Gallinari, and mozgov. Others experienced injuries here and there as well, and Karl had to do something he never imagined...start a rookie. George Karl's reputation on DS wasn't exactly in good shape.



The Nuggets weren't the only ones struggling as another team was now headed towards achieving the worst winning percentage in NBA history.




The nuggets limped into the All star break hoping to use the chance to get in some much needed practice time and injury rest. While many of you may remember Kevin Durant winning ASG MVP, I remember something else.


With the all star break, the entire association was now treated with increased Dwight Howard trade rumors which would dominate the next few weeks.





On Saturday, February 4, 2012, one of the biggest phenomenons ever took over the NBA. Yes I'm speaking of none other than the arrival of Linsanity in New York.





Heading back to Denver again in March. After the all star break the Denver Nuggets came back healthy. Arron Afflalo had finally regained his basketball form and was ready to average a blistering 19ppg over the last 30 games of the season. Kenneth Faried was ready to provide his hustle and energy off the glass, and an angry Ty Lawson was ready to step up. Ty won player of the week on March 5th after very dominating performances over San Antonino Sacramento and Houston.

A few (Stiffs inside Jokes)



Manimal domination




With the NBA trade deadline arriving, we in fact did not see the fabled Dwight Howard trade, but we did see a couple of other interesting trades grace the NBA landscape.

The NETS decided to trade for Gerald Wallace...


Derek Fisher lands in OKC (after forcing Houston to buy him out)


And most unexpectedly, Denver trades Nene for Javale Mcgee and a tpe(stay tuned). With Javale, Denver gets a young and immensely talented NBA center with the potential to grow into a star to pair with Ty (hopefully another all star) and take Denver to the promised land. Besides the talent, Javale brings with him hordes of NBA fans waiting for funny pictures with which they can make "Javale is dumb" memes. Good luck, man.



Meanwhile elsewhere in the NBA


After a strong finish Denver finished 38-28 and claimed the 6th seed in the western conference and a date with the 3rd seeded LA Lakers. The Nuggets gave it a valiant effort, pushing the Lakers to 7 games and even holding a lead in the 4th quarter of game 7. It would ultimately prove to be not enough though. Nuggets fans now patiently wait for the 12-13 season. With improving young players, and an added Hamilton and Chandler to the rotation.

Welcome to Staples Center where the "stars" come out to watch the Lakers.





Oh and there were other teams playing in the nba playoffs too. First up is the Chicago Bulls against the 76ers. Derrick Rose isn't a fan of the compressed schedule...


In the west top seeded San Antonio wins 10 straight brushing off the Jazz and Clippers before ultimately collapsing to the young Thunder.


The 4-5 match up in the west was exciting as well.



In the East, the knicks met the Miami Heat...


Lebron and company easily brushed the knicks aside before facing much harder challenges against Indy and Boston which pushed them to the edge.


Soon we had our Finals matchup. Miami vs. Thunder which where Lebron showed the large gap in ability between Durant and himself.





Alright that's it for me. These are some of my favorite memes which I've gathered from around the internet, and some which I've made myself. So I want to know which are you're favorite? (post below). Any of the top? Also, I don't mind if this thread is used as the OT thread as well.

Summer Bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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