Who is Tony Mitchell and why we should get him in next year's draft.

Hey people! I know the draft just ended and most of you are probably sick of draft talk but please indulge me (plus I can't sleep and have nothing else to do right now). So I go to North Texas and we just got this 5-star recruit named Tony Mitchell. He is a 6' 8", 235 lbs., with a 41" vertical and 7' 4" wingspan. Yeah, this guy is a BEAST.

He's a PF/SF who can shoot (he shoots lights out from several feet behind the arc at the rec while looking like he's not even trying) and can put the ball on the floor a bit too. But that's not to say he's not good in the post either. Offensive game aside, he is an amazing rebounder (had more rebounds per minute than Jonas Valanciunas in the U-18 Fiba tournament) and a prolific shot blocker ranking second overall in blocks per minute. He has a really high motor, sometimes bordering on too high as he sometimes picks up unnecessary fouls and such. However I would rather a guy with too much motor than too little. This guy could be the stretch 4 that we've all been wanting. Here are some scouting reports from and even has his NBA comparison as Kenyon Martin!

He's currently slated as a late lottery pick which is weird considering his obvious talent and physical tools. This is where his drawback kicks in. You see, the reason Tony transferred to UNT was because his first choice (Missouri) didn't work out because he ended up not being academically eligible. Now look into that how you may but this is pretty much the only reason why he's not a high lotto pick. In a game against Middle Tennessee Sam Presti, Danny Ferry (VP of bball ops for the Spurs), and some Mavs scouts were there.

When asked whether Mitchell's athleticism reminded him of anyone, one scout laughed and said Blake Griffin. Jones, a former LSU point guard, mentions a guy he played against at Georgia named Dominique Wilkins. Another scout compared Mitchell's athleticism and style to a young Shawn Marion.

But don't let his apathy towards school make you think he's not dedicated to the hard wood; he's at the rec like everyday and has made dramatic improvements according to the scouting reports! Plus he's supposedly worked really hard at correcting his academics problem.

He's a monster and there's a realistic chance we can get him!! You might be able to see him next year in the March tourney too because we have a pretty good team on our hands and we're in a pretty week division (Sunbelt).

That's all folks, thanks for reading.

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