Yay for Fake Trades!

We all love playing amateur GM, and with the Nuggets lack of scoring from the bench, wanted to see what Stiffs Nation thinks of this fake trade:

Caveat: Toronto also throws a future No. 1 to Houston, which can't be reflected in Trade Machine.

Why Toronto does this:

They've long coveted Ill Will and Kyle Lowry. This allows them to get both and rid themselves of Jose Calderon. With the pending offer to Landry Fields, it makes DeMar Derozan expendable. Lowry, Chandler, Fields, Bargnani, Ross, Valenciunus probably makes them a playoff team in the East.

Why Houston does this:

With three new first rounders, they have a lot of players under contract, and need shed some bodies. With Dragic gone and Lowry unhappy, Calderon gives them a quality PG and an expiring trade chip next year and gets them another No. 1 pick. KK gives them a backup for Asik. With Royce White and Terrence Jones, it also makes Chandler Parsons expendable. Moving forward, a core of Calderon, Lamb, White, Jones, future No. 1 and Asik is not too shabby.

Why Denver does this:

DeRozan isn't the best shooter, I'll grant you that, but the Nuggets desperately need someone athletic who can create his own shot and score off the bench. He definitely provides that. He's still only 22 and there's tons of room to improve, especially since he won't be relied on as much to be a go-to guy like he was in Toronto. It also clears up the 2nd unit logjam at SF, and allows Brewer / DeRozan / JHam to split those minutes at the 2-3 positions.

Denver can also groom Chandler Parsons to be a stretch 4 similar to Harrington. I love his game and Post All-Star last year he put up 11-4-3, and shot 36 percent from 3. He's also on a much better contract than Wilson Chandler, allowing more flexibility to re-sign JM and Ty when the time comes.

Houston is probably the least likely to consider this, but after going all-in trying to get Dwight Howard, they are in full rebuild mode. They are also fielding offers for Kevin Martin and Luis Scola, so anything could happen with them.

Discuss. React. Do you think having a scorer like DeRozan playing in our uptempo system would help Denver?

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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