Heard it here first...

I think there is a possibility that Chandler is moved to the Cavs for Anderson Varajao.

Nugs need to make a move at some point. They just aren't going to lose Q.Miller with lack of roster spots. With the news that Masai met with Anthony Randolph who is a FA, makes it obvious something is going to happen. Nugs will do 1 of 2 things...Amnesty birdman and release Mozgov to make room for Q.Miller, which i dont think is the plan, it's just not Masai's way of doing things to just lose talent. OR, we make a trade.

It's been clear now that Cavs are ready to move on from Varajao. They are going young and Andy V has been a bit injury prone the last couple years with his physical style of play. I see a package of Chandler, Mozgov and maybe even birdman going to Cleveland for Andy V and Future picks (probably 2nds). This would give us the roster space to sign Q.Miller and Anthony Randolph and we'd be at 15.

Why would we do this? It clears the roster to sign our other guys. We also save a little money especially if Birdman is in the deal. We've heard for several years now that the Nuggets like Varajao. They've attempted to trade for him several times. Andy V has 2 years left on his deal between 8-9 mill per, the 2nd year is a team option. This would give us a great big man rotation. Mcgee, Faried, Andy V, AR and KK is pretty awesome IMO. with drafting 2 more wings, that tells me someone is going to be moved and it's been obvious for a while we just signed Chandler as an asset down the line to move.

Why would Cavs do this? Pretty simple, it completes their starting 5. They need a SF and Chandler's long defensive skill is a perfect compliment to Irving and Waiters. They have Tristan Thompson at the 4 and they drafted Zeller at C. Mozgov would give them a decent backup.

I think this is a smart play by our GM. Andy V is still a great defensive player and it gives us insurance just in case we dont sign mcgee or at very least we have an awesome big man off the bench. He can play the 4 or 5 so we can match the bigs other teams put on the court. Chandler is a ball hog and is very ineffecient on the offensive end. With brewer still rostered and Hamilton on the ups along with drafting 2 very nice wings, Chandler is expendable. Why pay him 7-8 mil per when we have all our other wings who are also capable together making that much? Obviously this doesnt do much for the lack of post play by our bigs. But it still adds alot to our team. If andy v and faried were on the court at the same time, i dont think anyone could grab a rebound. :)

Just thinking outside the box after hearing all the rumors. It makes too much sense. Maybe it wont happen, but i think it's a possibility even though we haven't heard any rumors yet on this exact type of trade.


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