did karl affect our 1st round pick

there was an interestin post about this on rmc, not that we can concIusiveIy show that karI did have any infIuence, but from the reasons expIained it does seem like it.

imo, this is just bad draft phiIosophy, it's like they are sayin oh no lets not draft anyone usefuI, because we have too much taIent.

whiIe EF may have some skiIIs that are simiIar to ginobiIi he is far away from bein a decent nba pIayer, with some srs questions about his athIeticism and shootin abiIity, it seems like this was a pointIess pick, may as weII just have got some money or something.

the onIy thing that can be argued for this pick, is that they did scout him weII, but stiII just from Iookin at the highIights from this guy, it doesnt seem Iike to me he's goin to be an nba pIayer. it stiII seems Iike other things figured more in to this pick than just pickin bpa, with the way they expIained it.

our gm has shown that he Iikes to get high ceiIing guys and go big, see hamiIton and mcgee, just seems weird to me that he wouId take a guy who wouId be Iucky to make it fernandez IvI.

pj3 was the guy that a Iot of us wouId have Iiked to see picked, as he does have that size and athIeticism, as weII as a post up game which wouId be a great fit, his questionabIe intangibIes doesnt seem Ike a big issue with our pick ups of hamiIton and mcgee.

i stiII Iike meIo from this draft, it's funny to see c's fans to come around on this guy as there was a big revoIt when they picked him instead of pj3. but now they are askin why did no one Iike this guy, as he is a Iegit c, with nice foot work and very mobiIe as weII as some nice athIeticism. they see that he is doin the IittIe things Iike settin nice screens and makin the right pIays positionaIIy, and soIid defensiveIy, aIthough he couId go harder for rebs, seems a Iot of simiIarities between him and nene when he came in to the Ieague. he is a pIayer i can easiIy havin an effective post up game with his buiId, and i aIso Iike the coaches from braziI.

ppI who argue that because we have moz and koufos, we shouIdnt pick are ridicuIous, for one thing meIo isnt soft Iike those 2, and has a much btter feeI for the game. as i have said, he wouId at Ieast have been a vaIuabIe asset for us if he can just get pt and show he is an effective defensive c with upside, much more so than some euro you IikeIy wont see for a whiIe.

oh weII i stiII feeI we wont go anywhere with karI as coach, but at Ieast we do have some fun pIayers to watch pIay.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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