Should Nuggets Draft Damian Lillard?

Just saw a workout video of Damian Lillard. Wow! He can shoot it. I think he would a nice addition to Nuggets. Great off the bench scorer. Damian Lillard is a Point Guard who is a scorer first. He's a Junior which is nice so he has three years of college experience. Negative is that he played at a small school--Weber State.

Here's the link--Chad Ford from ESPN does the interview:

Comments from Chad Ford, he was asked if he thinks Damian Lillard is the real deal?

I think so. Just saw him workout in Oakland on Saturday. Very few weaknesses in his game right now. Good body/athlete. Excellent shooter. Quick off the dribble. A willing passer. Hard worker. Very efficient. Rarely makes mistakes. He needs to become an even better passer, but he's really talented. And this is one of those times that the advanced stats all support his production on the court. Great guy too. If he were at a major program, he'd be a top 5 pick.

From David Aldridge on

Weber State's Lillard is ranked just as highly as Marshall by some teams -- "Lillard's probably my favorite," a Central Division executive said -- though he doesn't have Marshall's natural passing skills. But Lillard, who finished second in the country in scoring (24.5 points per game), is a big-time scorer who does it efficiently, a skill that will serve him well in the NBA, though he may not wind up being a lottery pick.

"He almost lets the game come to him," a Northwest Division scout said. "You like guys who let the game come to them. But he almost did it to a fault. I wouldn't call him a selfish scorer. He's a willing passer, but I don't know if he's a natural passer."

That is OK with some talent evaluators.

"He's got a better feel for the point guard position, but he reminds me a little of Mo Williams -- similar size, can shoot," a Central Division evaluator says. "He's going to be able to manage the point guard position a little more. He plays on a team where he probably could take seven or eight more shots, but he makes the right basketball play. I watched him in a game and he had a quiet 25 -- and they won, too."

Some compare Lillard to Detroit combo guard Rodney Stuckey. Coming out of Eastern Washington, he had to show he could make the adjustment to the NBA from a smaller school.

"Even though he's small college [guy], with guys like Stuckey and George Hill having success Iike they have, I don't think that's held against you like it used to be," a Southwest Division executive said.

But some have questions. One Pacific Division executive believes Lillard is, at best, a backup.

"As a point guard, you want guys to be more assertive, more aggressive, and he's more passive, which is a rarity," a Northwest scout said.

The problem is the Nuggets would have to trade up to get him. Lillard could be a nice addition for the Nuggets but is it a luxury they can afford? I think Damian Lillard could do for the Nuggets what Jason Terry has done on the Mavs the past few years.

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