Offseason Plans officially start NOW!

To the Denver Faithful, here is what i'd like to do this offseason as the Nugs GM. I feel very confident in any decisions that our staff makes but as we all like to pretend we are the man with all the best idea's, here are mine.

First off i'd like to bring in a NBA assistant coach that can work with our big men. I'd love Ewing but highly unlikely since he's looking for a HC position. My 2nd option would be Bill Cartwright. He is an assistant with the Suns currently but with Alvin Gentry on the last year of his deal and most likely on his way out if they fail to make the playoffs, Cartwright would probably move on if a better situation came forward.


Currently, we are right at $56 million if i'm seeing everything correctly. A list of all the FA and other players with options and my plans for them.

Birdman - Amnesty him - Older vet that might have some legal troubles that hasn't played. We will save 4 mill per year for next 2 for the cap. He's basically the only amnesty candidate. Al is a possiblity but he played extremely well for us this past year and next year is the last guarenteed deal on his mid level deal. We could buy him out for far less after that.

Andre Miller -sign him for a 1 year 3 mill deal. I dont think he gets a starting gig with another team. Not with his age and lots of other good young PG's available. I know some of you wont like this but he played so well down the stretch that i want to bring the vet back 1 more year.

Rudy F - Let him go. Let him go back to Spain. He was a decent player but he won't want to stick around for pennies. No reason to give him a multi year deal when we have Hamilton.

MCGEE-Sign him to 5 year 45 mill. I don't think he goes for any less than this. He will get a Deandre Jordan type deal as a RFA. I have a feeling a team like Detroit will attempt to sign him for big money. I dont think he goes for anything more than 10 mill per due to his inconsistancies. I think this coaching staff has done a great job already with him and he's only going to improve.

Now, this puts us at about 54 mill after letting Rudy F and his 3.1 option off the books and the amnesty of Birdman which saves 4.5 mill in cap room.

The league cap is around 59 mill and may go up. but let's just say it stays at 59. we have roughly 5 mill in room.

I want to trade WIlson Chandler. I haven't liked what i've seen from him at all since being a Nug. He just doesnt seem to mesh with this team. Even though he struggled, he is still a well wanted player. My plan for him is to trade him to the Rockets for the 14th overall pick in the draft and another future 1st most likely protected in some way. The rockets have a ton of cap room this year and Chandler is a great compliment to Kevin Martin at the wing. The rox would finally have their SF rather than Parsons and Buddinger who are both very limited. The Rockets have the 16th pick in the draft as well so another reason why i think they'd pull off this trade if they liked Chandler.

I think with brewer's play and solid Defense and Al still being very productive, we have 2 wings that can play just as well as chandler for lesser the cost. This saves us around 7 mill in savings. So now we are down to 47 mill in cap and roughly 12 mill in cap room.

With the 14th pick, i want to take Arnette Moultrie PF/C. He's 6'11 225 athletic big man that can play inside and out. He's the final big man piece to the puzzle. he can guard either big man spot. He's not a great shot blocker but a beast of a rebounder. With him in we can play big or small and won't always lack size.

With the 22nd pick in the draft, i want to take PG Tony Wroten. Realistically he won't play that much his first year with Dre back in the mix. But this dude could be a beast. He's the perfect compliment to Ty Lawson in the future. He's 6'5 with very good defensive skills. He's a beast in transition and can get to the rim. He's more of a combo guard since he loves to hold the ball which is something he needs to work on. He kind of has a little Tyreke Evans in him. He doesnt have an outside shot and not sure he ever will but the boy can play.

in FA...

Our goal should be to find another outside shooter on the short term. I think Hamilton will eventually be the man but just in case he's not ready just yet, i think we should bring in another backup guard or wing that can hammer the 3.

What i'd love to happen is the Pistons amnesty Ben Gordon and we bring him in. Ive heard that if they cant trade him and his 12 mill contract, they will let him go. He would be perfect for us. He has 2 years left on his deal and maybe we could claim him off amnesty for 5 mill per. obviously the pistons cover whatever is remaining. He's a deadly 3 pt shooter still who shot 42% from 3 this year. He's always performed well at end of games even though it seems like he's lost a step. Maybe he just needs to be on a winner. He's only 29, geesh. As a proven performer at end of games and fantastic 3 pt shooter, and only 2 years left on deal, i think he would be a great addition to backup up AA.

If not Gordon, i still think we have options. Carlos Delfino would be a nice add. He's had some injury concerns but he's a 3 pt shooter than can play 2 or 3. He's a solid defender and can run the floor. Jason Terry, Ray Allen, Barbosa, Hinrich are all veteran options as well if they become available. As for RFA possibly, OJ Mayo (unlikely), Brandon Rush, Danny Green and Courtney Lee are decent choices. I'd love Mayo, Terry or Ray Allen of course, but just dont think itll happen.

My wannabe roster come next season:

PG- Lawson, Andre Miller, Tony Wroten, Julyan Stone

SG- Afflalo, Gordon

SF- Gallo, Hamilton, Brewer

PF- Faried, Moultrie

C- Mcgee, Mozgov, Koufos

14 players

If this truly happened, after signing Gordon and picks we would have about 4 million left in cap room to sign a 15th player if need be. I'd rather just develope our 2nd rd pick, most likely a wing, or sign a guy for vet minimum and keep the cap room for Ty's extension. I figure Ty will command about 12 mill per season. We have about half that right now with Ty making around 2 mill right now and 4 mill in cap room. Brewer, Dre and Mozgov will come off the books and would give us what is needed for Ty the following year. We realistically could keep 1 of them for 3 mill per but by then i dont think any of these 3 will be in long term plans. We also would have options with Al by then if we want to buy him out for cheaper.

My dollar amounts are exact but they should be in the ballpark. Cap is so hard to work. I use Hoopshype salaries to figure it out.

Thoughts on mine or maybe you have a plan of your own?

Regardless, GO NUGS!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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