Looking ahead

I know we still have alot left to play for this year. We are only 2 games out of the 5th seed in the west. I do believe we will make the playoffs and land the 8th spot and lose to OKC in the 1st rd again. I just want to see what the rest of you think about the future...Let's say we do lose in the 1st round again. How do you want the offseason to go? Whether it's coaching change, or draft needs or FA needs or amnestying a player etc.

Even though i dislike GK alot and won't be against a firing...i would like to give him 1 more season with this team. We've made a ton of changes since the Melo trade and they really haven't had any practice time. If GK's defensive schemes are that thorough, it takes time for the young players to learn them. I also don't see any coaches on the market that i'd be in love with. I want to keep the offensive pace that we have. Guys like Sloan and Mcmillan will just slow us down and won't be nearly as fun to watch. I'd love Stan Van Gundy if Orl lets him go but doubt it happens.

As far as amnesty...the only candidates are birdman and Al. i think we should let Al Harrington go. He's turning 32 and has 3 more years on his deal. He makes almost double what birdman makes and is signed for an extra year. I think the signing of Chandler makes Al expendable. I know he's had a great year. but it makes the most sense. If he was a great vocal leader for this team that got in guys faces when needed, i'd want to keep him. But he doesn't.


I think we will match an offer similar to Deandre Jordan (9 mill per) for mcgee. I can't see any team going more than 10 for him and in that case we will keep him. I believe we let Andre Miller and Rudy F both walk. With the Amnesty to Al, that leaves us 3 open spots. We will bring Stone back to compete for backup PG. Our 1st rd pick will occupy 1 spot and i believe we should sign 2 veterans on 1 year deals. This team needs leadership. Afflalo seems to be the only one that is willing to take on this role. He can't be the only one. This team will still be inconsistant as ever if there is no on court leadership. I wish Miller and Al would since they are veterans but neither do which is why they are gone. Kirk Hinrich comes to mind for me. He's a solid veteran and can fill Rudy F spot. Since Karl likes a 2 PG lineup, why not bring in someone that actually plays Defense and can hit a 3 pointer at times. He would be a great combo with Ty and is alot more versatile than Miller. The other vet i want is either Kevin Garnett or Grant Hill. Both of these players are much older but would bring a ton to this team on a 1 year deal. They will show this team how to win. Both have been around the league for a while and would cherish this role of being on a playoff bound team with young studs. Grant Hill would be a nice reserve off the bench that would fill Al's spot. We all know what KG brings. Yes this will put Faried back to a reserve role for 1 season but he would still play 25 minutes a night when KG is out or moves to C at times. Faried would learn so much and so would the nuggets as a team. We have so much youth, eventually you need to bring in guys that will push you out of mediocre.

Draft -

I'd want to draft Kendall Marshall PG UNC if he's on board. I have a feeling he'll be gone. Jared Sullinger is another guy i'd love as he gives us a low post threat. I think our pick will be right around 20ish. I think we should take Draymond Green. There is no position that is critical need. He gives us alot of versatility with a high basketball IQ. He's got alot of range and can shoot. He's a tweener type player at 6'6 but with he's relentless and just what the Dr ordered for this team. Royce White is very similar even though he has a anxiety disorder. If you want to go pure raw talent with upside...Tony Wroten PG is a possibility. As far as the 2nd round goes. I'd like to see us take International Players and store them. We have so much depth, no reason to take up roster spots.

Rotation: - If everything above happened.

PG- Lawson

SG- Afflalo

SF - Gallo


C - Mcgee

with a 9 man rotation

PG/SG - Hinrich

Wings - Chandler

Bigs - Faried and Koufos

Bench in waiting - Mozgov, Hamilton and Stone still need time to develope. Another year in reserve spot will serve them well. Brewer will be last year of his deal and not in the cards. Probably looking to move him come trade deadline. Birdman will be the 5th big off the bench. He will be a boost as always when the others are performing well. Draymond Green, our pick will take a reserve role as well.


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