A Letter To Nuggets "Fans"

This was going to be a comment, but I thought the message would come across better as a post..

I don't write on here often, however I am a regular reader and what I have come to learn, is we have the most BIPOLAR fans I have ever encountered. It's funny reading how so many of us have turned on a player, or written a player off after a bad game. remember at the beginning of the season? How everyone was Praising Big Al and his status as a front runner for 6th man? At the same time giving Arron Afflalo the cold shoulder, claiming he wasn't worth the money, and blah blah blah? Yet we were the ones in the off-season saying we need him back? We as fans honestly need to just relax. Honestly.

This schedule has been more brutal on these players than we could ever understand, and a player under performs for a short period and you are so willing to give him up and on to the next one.. really? Relax. Remember how the Lakers started the season? The Spurs? Mavs? Slow. Adjusting.

Where are they now? Sitting above the Nuggets in the playoff standings because they were PATIENT! Were the Mavs gonna try to trade Dirk because he was under performing? No. I am not gonna sit here and tell you I don't have a problem with some of the players on this team, like Andre Miller. He doesnt want to be here, he wants to start, he has value, trade him.

And yes, I agree that there are moves we can make to improve this team. But I just think a lot of you are ready to jump the gun with it. Harrington, I'm not his biggest fan, and I do have a problem when he is our leading scorer, but is has shown to be effective in spurts. If we had Wilson, probably a different story, but we don't, so we have to cope with it. Al hasn't been as great as when the season started, but we could do a lot worse.

Arron is back folks. All of you that said we dont need him, we have Brewer, excuse my rudeness but shut the hell up. The rust is coming off and he's owning up to his contract and im guessing many of you that are praising him now were some that were saying he should be traded/benched/ waste of money. Well he wasn't. He Fights for this team and his work ethic is irreplaceable.

And Finally, Nene. I'm pretty dissapointed. Not with him, with you. Yes Nene, has been hurt. Faried is a freak of an athlete and really changes the game when he's in, but you would REALLY prefer keeping Moz over Nene? You know what really grinds my gears (Family Guy reference)? Just last year Nuggets fans were CONVINCED Nene should be an All-Star, but now, we have Faried we don't need him? Our most consistant scoring threat from last season?

How bout we put Nene back at Center, where he is quicker and can be just as physical than most, and leave Faried to play PF and we get what Nene lacks while maintaining what he's great at and we Win games. Either way, we have a hell of a team, versatile and deeper than any other in the league and it's just not enough.

Relax Nuggets Fans, I want this team to be successful also, But I also feel we should be a more supportive and less quick to turn our back on the players that we once coveted. People have bad games. Sometimes several in a row. others have good games, several in a row. Its the nature of the game, Deal with it, It's the NBA (plus a shitty schedule).


A Nuggets Fan from So Cal.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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