Cloudy Notion: Is Kenneth Faried destined to be better than Nene?

We've seen glimpses of the rookie out of Moorehead State college. He is exactly what we've expected and more, for better or worse. However, he does seem to be destined for something much more than what some people predicted he would be - namely that he would be the next Reggie Evans - yet we know that there is only one kind of ball that Kenneth Faried is after, namely the basketball. Yet he has shown things and done things that remind me of a slightly shorter, yet actively faster, incredibly more athletic stronger and higher jumper than Nene, our starting "power forward" at the moment.

Oh how we Nugget fans were clamoring for a piece of Kenneth Faried. How we were awaiting the 6'7 rookie to get some playing action, and take Chris Anderson's spot in the lineup as the high flying energy guy of the second unit. Most people agreed and still do that he should be given 20 minutes a night when our team is healthy and I for one agree, yet I think that Faried might even provide himself to not only be one of the best high flying energy guys off the bench, but in time, he might be the starting power forward, and it might happen shorter than you think. Faried has already shown remarkable PER 36 statistics, Even in Nene and his rookie year, he showed a PER 36 that hasn't progressed a single bit in his entire career, with a PER 36 of 13.4 points, and yes ladies and gentleman, 7.4 rebounds in 36 minutes is awful. Now, looking at Kenneth Faried and his PER 36, we see a much more encouraging number, with a PER of 12.8 rebounds a game, with a remarkable 4.8 offensive rebounds per game. Along with a 5+ rebounding number, we see that his FG% is higher than Nene and his first year in the league by 2% at 53% overall this year. Of course, the year isn't over but it is safe to say that Faried will always be a better rebounder than Nene.

So, what does Nene bring to the table? What are his strengths? Well, in a way he brings a nice touch of the ball 10 feet away from them rim, but without Carmelo Anthony this year, his FG% percentage is very low this year, perhaps the previous 3-4 years of 60% from the field was a mirage of taking the best possible shot at the best possible moment, but this year, he has been forced to create his own shot, leading to perhaps what his true field goal percentage is, somewhere around 50%. Defensively, he is a pretty mediocre weak-side defender since he has the hops of a Galapagos sea lizard. So, basically he is a slightly more improved version of Perkins in that he has a big body, but that is the only reason he is just a good defensive player. Faried has the build of Chuck Hayes, but unlike Hayes, he has a 35+ vertical. He has provided some much needed blocking this year, with a PER of 2.4 a game. Kenneth also is showing a free throw percentage that is a lot higher than Nene in most of every season in his career, as Nene has only eclipsed 70% from the free thrown line twice in his career.

Free throw percentage does translate to a good jump shot though, as some of the best three point shooters in the league had amazing free throw percentages as well, it isn't the end all be all of an indicator of how good a players jump shot is, but it is a strong factor, if Faried shoots 71%, from the free throw line (which is an odd boosting increase from his college free throw percentage, as he shot 58% from his career at Morehead State) then he has the ability to translate that into a good and reliable jumpshot as well, giving his game a whole added dimension, he might even become a all around threat as a power forward. Nene is 6'10, granted but he is not a good rebounder, he never hustles for offensive rebounds, and 3-4 failed offensive rebound opportunities are wasted from Nene not being quick enough to grab the ball if it hits off the rim. Every team Nene has been on, the Nuggets team rebounding were 15-20th in the league. If Faried can have a jump shot as reliable or even more reliable than Nene and his off-on nights, along with his explosive dunking, weak-side defense that Nene totally lacks, then perhaps it is possible that Faried becomes a more reliable option as a starting power forward 3-4 years down the road.

Yet, some will argue that Faried is a hustle player, which means he burns more energy in 20 minutes than most starters would in 34 minutes, yet it is plausible that Faried can tone down the energy just a bit, and he can become a worthy starter. I personally can see Faried being a better starter than Nene in his career, because Nene's hustle and tenacity is nowhere to be seen, and it defines Faried. There are three things that play into this however.

1.) Nene's contract- Nene is under contract with the Nuggets for 5 years, meaning that Faried might never sniff a chance at the starting power forward position and get a chance to shine.

2.) Faried being undersized. Faried is listed at 6'7, and perhaps 6'6. There is a possibility that him being undersized might deteriorate him faster than other power forwards like Ben Wallace, who didn't do much once his athletic ability was gone.

Another thing I'm not quite sold on are little things, such as man on man defense, and setting screens, those are very important things that power forwards need in their arsenal.

I think that he has the ability to be the next STARTING power forward, I'm not sure about you, but I think he will be a better player than Nene if he is given the chance. What do you think? Is Nene the future for power forward, or is Faried? Or is Faried destined to just be a great back up power forward and give your reasoning.

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