Please take this as you like... I am just trying to understand what a Coach does. I think i posted something similar last year... but we are at the same spot again.

-Offense? we don't have an offense... we don't run plays or attack anyones weekness... we just go with the flow and hope the other team is tired or we are on fire. We play FAST and we know our timeouts go PLAY FASTER... We expend so much energy here instead of running simple plays over and over where we have a sense or comfort. and this becomes important in crunch time. how can we expect denver to do anything in crunch time when for 47 min we have just been running wild... this worked when we had two of the best clossers and one on one players Melo and CB... but now when we need to have a system we struggle. and lets not forget CB's comment when he came here the first year... how do we not have an out of bounce play?

Defense:? Turnovers!!! smaller players on bigger players... this works great... only joking... if we don't' get turnovers and you won't against good teams... our defense is none existing and hurts our offense because a lot of our offense depends on it. We constantly get abused by the opposition avg players because we have the wrong match ups on them...( small ball so we can play fast (not have to call an offense).

Game managment/ adjustments? well i dont' have to bring up calling time outs and making adjustments... we have all seen too many times karl standing outside of the hudle...

Player development? um rookies suck and are not worth GK's time.... lets talk about TY... after CB left what is TY going to get better at under Karl? being faster? pushing harder? TY is going to slow down soon enough just like CP3 but not having developed any sense of running a normal offense will make him useless... what happens when he's slower? How about Nene ... JR? Karl stunted his development for years...

Player decision? Massai and josh have been killing it in this department.

So can someone please tell me what part of the normal coaches job GK actually does? doesnt' teach offense, defense, develop players OR manage games (properly)

yes we win a lot of games but that's mostly due to our talent, the playoffs is where we hit a snag when people are as talented as us but their coaching just pushes them over... all except for one year when we had player coach CB.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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