Trades Galore

Here is yet another idea for a trade.

In this trade, there are a few bigger names going places, but every team has a reason to do this trade.

Nuggets Receive:

Tony Alen- Always underrated, one of the best perimeters defenders (maybe even the best), and adds to the players Karl can use as trust guys. He is also an expiring contract.

Luke Babbitt- As we saw in our last game, a guy that stands in the corner can be a big asset. All he has to do is come in for 15 min a game and hit two or thee threes and play decent defense and he will be big for this team. Also expiring.

Fab Melo- Young guy known for being a presence in the middle buy can take a jumpshot. Needs to get more physical but he's just a rookie and will learn.

Chris Wilcox- Throw in. Can be the one to be cut or be a veteran that we need.

Celtics Receive:

Timofey Mozgov- Rumored to be a valuable commodity and the Celts value him more than the Nuggets do. Can be a first big in for them.

Anthony Randolph- Helps the Celtics get younger. Lots of athleticism and has proven to be useful for the Nugs in short stints. We don't know just how good Randolph can be and the Celtics can give him more of an opportunity.

Quincy Pondexter- Have not heard a lot about him but he is young and sounds like a good rotation piece for them.

Possibly Picks/Cash here as well

Blazers receive:

Hamed Haddadi- Backup for Memphis that can add some front court depth

Quincy Miller- Has not gotten off of the bench for more than his time in SAC (congrats on his first point). He has a lot of potential but does anyone here think he will ever start over a healthy Gallo, Chandler, Brewer, Jham, or Iggy?

Grizzles Receive:
Jason Terry- Perfect piece for their front court, can iso and spot up from three. Lineup of Conley, Terry, Gay, Randolph, Gasol scares me more than any other in the west.
Trade Exception from Nene deal.

Overall this adds to the Nuggets in many different ways. Pairing Allen and Iggy for defensive stops at the end of games can give us a better chance to come away with games in Crunchtime. Babbitt impressed me with his 3pt range and can help end the nuggets troubles beyond the arc. And losing Mozgov, Randolph, and Miller wouldn't trouble me whatsoever. I'm confident Masai could do something similar to this, and hopefully a small scale deal gets done that helps us get better.
Go Nuggets.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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