Yet Another Trade Idea

Post Trade Depth Chart:

Denver Nuggets:

PG - Ty Lawson/Andre Miller/Austin Rivers

SG - Andre Iguodala/Evan Fournier/Austin Rivers/Xavier Henry

SF - Danilo Gallinari/Jordan Hamilton/Xavier Henry

PF - Ryan Anderson/Anthony Randolph/Quincy Miller

C - Kosta Koufos/Javale McGee/Anthony Randolph

New Orleans Hornets:

PG - Greivis Vasquez/Eric Gordon/Roger Mason

SG - Eric Gordon/Corey Brewer/Roger Mason

SF - Wilson Chandler/Corey Brewer/Darius Miller

PF - Anthony Davis/Kenneth Faried/Lance Thomas

C - Robin Lopez/Anthony Davis/Jason Smith

Why the Nuggets would agree to this trade:

Fellow fans have been complaining all season that we need some shooters on this team. Someone to hit three pointers, and hit freethrows. While Ryan Anderson isn't necessarily the star that most of us wished we required, his stats sure aren't bad either. Anderson is averaging 19 points per game, with 7.3 rebounds shooting 42.5 % from three point land (making 3.5 out of 8 shots a game) and 88.5% from the line. At the very least, this could help our shooting woes.

To obtain this type of shooting, we give Faried (who is a fan favorite, I understand), and Corey Brewer who are currently rotational players (Chandler, and Mozgov would be fillers).My firm belief is that Faried and Brewer are both very much hustle type players that every team should have a couple of. That said, I think due to Faried's servere lack of size at the PF position (something you really can't teach or make up), he will always have issues guarding offensive minded PF's standing 6'9 or taller, thus Faried would be more efficient off the bench.

The other players acquired from the trade aren't necessarily just fillers either. On this team, it seems that our players have a sign of nervousness in the 4th quarter, and no one seems to want to step up (other than Gallo Occasionally). It has been said many times before that Ausin Rivers sure doesn't lack confidence, and over time could develop into a really good player (same thing I believe in with Evan Fournier, which this trade would open some minutes up for). Finally, Xavier Henry is still quite young and has been mention to have strong defensive abilities. So overall, not giving up much for solid shooting and potential star power.

Why the Hornets would agree to this trade:

This is a team that wants to build around Anthony Davis, and Eric Gordon (evidence with the large contract they gave him over the summer). This means that they need support players for these two, and hustle players would make complement star power quite well. Faried and Brewer are both Scrappy players, and can do the dirty work on this Hornets team that is really young and needs some veteran leadership. Both would provide great energy off the bench, and would certainly be the first two options being relied upon to come off the bench.

Wilson Chandler when healthy, is a decent option that can play three positions in a SG, SF, and PF on both ends of the court and could help their rebuilding process down the road. Finally, this team lacks a big body, while Robin Lopez is a serviceable big man, it certainly wouldn't hurt to add another big man (who seems to have fallen out of favor for the Nuggets). On a side note, having Kenneth Faried, Anothony David, and Corey Brewer in the same lineup sure brings a lot of athleticism.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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