My Trade to get Love

Getting Kevin Love could fulfill the Nuggets' chances of being the "best in the West" this season as he is someone who can space the floor to alleviate the Nuggets' halfcourt woes.

Here's my trade suggestion to get K-Love:

Why do this trade?

Denver - Like I said before, the acquisition of Love would mean Denver can finally have that player who can stretch the floor. Sure, Denver will miss Kenneth "Manimal" Faried's hustle and hunger for rebounds, but Love will make up for it with the rebounding prowess he is recently known for. Denver also gets rid of Timofey "Mr. Stone Hands" Mozgov in exchange for a similar guy, who will likely be a bench warmer for the team. With the decline of Brandon Roy, Wilson Chandler can finally get off Danilo Gallinari's shadow and get a starting position in Minnesota. I hesitated at first, but I felt trading Jordan Hamilton will help because there's a chance Evan Fournier will get more minutes.

Minnesota - Although the "borderline bust" known as Tyreke Evans won't start for the T-Wolves in this trade because of Ricky Rubio, that's fine. He'll play the 6th man role, which is good for a team that's mostly lacking in depth. Also, Ricky Rubio would do wonders for Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler, Francisco Garcia (who has always been a good shooter). With what Minnesota is going to get in this deal, they won't be a bad team unlike what the Hollinger's Analysis says. Minny would probably waive Malcolm Lee and the corpse of Josh Howard.

Sacramento - They get a player halfway of becoming a bust but still brimming with potential. Derrick Williams would likely start and get heavy minutes under Keith Smart. Also, this young but dysfunctional team badly needs veterans, and Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson are the guys who can be the voices in the locker room. Paul Millsap would be an upgrade to Jason Thompson while being a mentor to DeMarcus Cousins and Thomas Robinson.

Utah - The team gets a player similar to Millsap in skill set but inferior in talent. The acquisition of Jason Thompson would mean that Derrick Favors earn the starting position for the Jazz. Also, the change of scenery could help for Jimmer Fredette as he goes back to the state where he played college basketball. Jimmer also has bunch of veterans to help him instead in Sacramento where it's mostly a bad atmosphere in the locker room (see Cousins).

You can kill the dreamer, but you can't kill the trading dream! - Nate Timmons

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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