What's in a 3 game losing streak?

Hello Fellow Stiffs,

This is the first time I've ever posted an article here. Beware of grammatical errors.

I have been following the Nuggets ever since 2008-2009 when Iverson was traded for Billups. A seemingly perfect trade, for the nugz, as it bought them a ball handler and leader for a locker room cancer and ball hog. I watched before my eyes a team that had great talent go to the wcf after so many years of one and done failure seasons. It was heart breaking to watch the dreaded lakers beat us in six games and win the championship.

Fast forward to the melo deal. One that experts said would cripple the nuggets for years to come (Broussard) and lose the leadership factor as well as a closer in melo and Billups. What we saw that season were ups and downs. A Wilson chandler siting (non-playoffs), gallinari showing his range, and Ty Lawson showing he can start and be a big factor for a little guy. As we well know now, losing to the Thunder hurts like the dickens, but it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Last year, we saw Nene traded to the Wizards for the incumbent Javale McGee and Ronny Turiaf (a bench piece that may seem needed now), Ty Lawson begin to lead the team, Gallinari become an inconsistent but more aggressive dirk nowitzki. We saw too much of Andre miller and al Harrington and too little of chandler (still meh) and our sensational rookie Kenneth Faried (20 min per game) as well as Jordan Hamilton. This team filled with cast aways, height challenged players and out of shape vets turned a transition year into a fun-filled, high octane year filled with offensive highlights. However, as luck would have it we had to face Kobe Bryant again in the playoffs and he made us pay.

The point of this post is to put our team in perspective and trust the people who are payed millions to do their jobs. Masai has not let us down and will continue to mix and match pieces to succeed. Karl (as much as his rotations can suck at times) has developed young players very well and will continue to turn Ty into a star as well as give our team a fair chance to win. Ty will keep being Ty and get his shot right. Gallo will shoot the lights out in many games, even if he takes too many shots in others. Iggy will play lights out D and as we saw last game take some pressure off of Ty as a closer. And hopefully McGee and Faried will continue to play consistently enough for Karl to put them in at the same time...

Oh and brewer/meh can kiss their butts good bye if they cannot prove to be valuable as Masai will impose his hypnotism on another gm and take their valuables in the process

All I'm saying is that with this many pieces, the team will need time to gel and for everyone to settle into a role that helps the teams chances to succeed now and in the playoffs. I'm betting on a 4th seed behind OKC, LAL, SAS in that order with a matchup against the Clips and home court advantage. But instead, lets take it one step at a time and beat the Pistons in our shiny new unis.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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