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I'm likely preaching to the choir on this, but unless you live in a market outside of your favorite team's locale, DON'T USE NBA LEAGUE PASS! I made the foolish decision of subscribing for a Broadband Pass today because I wanted to legally (shame on me for wanting to follow the LAW!) watch the Nuggets on it. I dropped my Dish Network subscription last year to save money and still wanted to watch the games. I bought a Roku and installed the NBA Game Time App on it to stream my league pass subscription. After I made the purchase of $120, I stumbled upon this excerpt from the NBA's web site:

A broadband blackout is determined by the zip code location associated with your Internet Service Providers (ISP) account. Our system uses this information to confirm your location and to restrict access to regionally televised and national televised games.

For example: If a customer lives in California and purchased his subscription there; then traveled to Michigan, he would be blacked out in Michigan.

So I submitted a support ticket to the NBA. Here's what I said to them:

Date Created: 11/2/2012 10:41 AM EDT
Summary: Are all Nuggets games blacked out!?!?

The entire purpose of me spending my hard earned money was to watch my favorite team, on my laptop, at home, IN DENVER! Are you telling me that all Nuggets games are blacked out!?!?!?! Please clarify this!

About 20 minutes later I received the following reply:

Dear Customer,

Blackouts are governed by National and Regional broadcasting rules. All nationally televised games will always be blacked out. TNT/NBAtv/ESPN/ABC, etc… have the exclusive rights to those games. Blackouts also take place when a game is televised locally in your area via a regional sports network or an over-the-air station. If a game is blacked out, you should be able to use the League Pass audio function to hear the radio broadcast.

Please click on the following link for more details - Blackout FAQ

So, let's go through this one step at a time.

  1. Nationally Televised Games are blacked out. That doesn't surprise me, nor do I care about that.
  2. Blackouts for games televised locally via a regional sports network or over-the-air station. In other words if it's broadcast on television and you're in the same locale. Period.
  3. Your consolation prize is to LISTEN to the AUDIO over league pass. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I PAY $120 to stream the game when I can do that for FREE on any number of radios I have sitting around my house!
I am going to cancel this subscription and stream it illegally. I sent a nasty-gram to Altitude as well.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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