Its time to move Javale McGee to the starting line-up

Coach George Karl has certainly made some questionable decisions this season. But I hesitate to say fire George Karl. It shows no respect. Thats not the Nuggets way. And, GK is very likely to ultimately lead the squad to the playoffs.

Yet only Kanye West has an ego that compares in size to George Karl's this season. GK seems to be trying to prove that he can win by playing the least traditional lineup possible. He wants to win with his worst players. He is playing favorites. This should not be tolerated, and in my opinion, cannot be disputed.

Former Nugget Allen Iverson, in an infamous for press conference said: "We're talking about practice. Not a Game."

George Karl is rewarding practice players. It is a mistake. Exhibit A is Kosta Kofous - quoted as being "the best big man in practice."

It is apparent Kofous is not the best player in the game. Compare the statistics. Kofous creates less mismatches than McGee. Javale must play 28 minutes per game. We paid him $44 million dollars (to be a starter.)

I candidly ask George Karl, "Why does it matter that Kosta plays better than Javale in practice?" Who cares. Wins and loses only result from the 82 games. The standings only reflect the score after 48 minutes. It can be argued that all other practices and off the court conduct are irrelevant.

Exhibit B - Jordan Hamilton

I am a nuggets fan. I seek to be entertained when I watch the games. Jordan Hamilton can score. He is a volume shooter. He is a #1 option. When JHam has the basketball, he expects to score. Therefore I expect for him to score. When JHam is in the game I anticipate him hitting 3s and dunking. It makes me feel excitement comparable to to JR Smith.

Surely I do not speak for everyone. But I would rather watch JR Smith lose than Arron Afflalo win. Take that with a grain of salt. What it means is, there is a buzz in Pepsi Center when Jordan Hamilton is in the game. Let us witness him, George. Let Jordan be a local here. Because if he scores 25 points in a game, even if we lose, the fans will have something to talk about, to hope for. ESPN will have something to put on the bottom line.

Jordan Hamilton is such an offensive prodigy, that his coach should overlook all of #1's deficiency's.

Exhibit C - Danilo Gallinari should still start

This is controversial. All I can say is it seems like Denver does better when Danilo is in the line-up. The same cannot be said for Ty Lawson.

At least Gallo has imposing size. I would like for him to play better, but that's not the point. Gallinari has not reached his ceiling. If his strength improves, he will be a better player. I have not given up on him. No, he could not post up Jeremy Lin. Yes, he came up VERY short on the 3-point attempt versus Miami. Yet if Danilo could ever turn it on, Nuggets would make the leap into the top 4 in the West, guaranteed.

Ty should run the 2nd unit. What is the worst that could happen? Ty with the first unit does not have high confidence on the road. Ty does not have great chemistry with Kenneth Faried or McGee. Actually, he really does not pass that well. But Lawson does score well.

The Nuggets coaching staff should run the starting offense through the bigs. And the bench offense through the backcourt.

Exhibit 4 - A perspective on NBA Coaching (possibly incorrect)

"it's not who starts the game, it's who finishes."

That is wrong. This is the NBA. It is not college. It is not the Pittsburgh Steelers. In football the healthy roster wins. In the NBA the players don't get injured like that. In the NBA superstars start. Teams market their starters. Referees give preferential treatment to all star players. If you want good calls in the 4th quarter, then you better show the Official's that your players deserve them.

Coaches need to stand up on the sidelines and lobby to officials for calls. A players standing leaguewide is enhanced when the player starts. I have not heard of reserve NBA all-stars. Fake it till you make it.

Give a player the confidence that, I am a starter, I need to pad my stats, the referee needs to give me respect via free throws, if they don't do it my coach will hassle them because I am in contention for an all-star berth, and if my team wins tonight than I have increased odds of gaining national attention for my contributions. SWAGGER UP.

There should always be a Center in the Game. Especially in the 4th quarter. Teams close out with Defense, not offense. You have to get STOPS. And its a proven fact, it is harder to score versus taller defenders.

Finally, time-outs. Teams should use them. Why Not? Tell me a reason a time-out is a bad idea. Could Javale have more time to catch his breath during a timeout? Is it possible the momentum of the opponent could be slowed as a result of a timeout? Would it not be convenient to initiate substitutions during a stoppage of play, instead of sending a player in after the timeout.

This George Karl Ego thing goes back to the days of Carmelo Anthony. Anthony had many reasons to leave, but he certainly did not trust GK. Chauncey balked at GK not having inbounds plays. JR Smith intentionally played more recklessly under GK probably because "its not as though I could start anyways. So who cares." Nene never felt compelled to increase his production under GKs guidance. KMart literally went to China, instead of waiting for the lockout to end and resume play under GK.

All these Denver Basketball heroes have been forced out of our organization. It is not George Karl's fault, but his presence is the culture of Nuggets Basketball. GK is the last one left from our run in 2009. And that is what is feeding his ego. If a current Nuggets player is not one of Karl's "Trust Guys" then there is a bias against him. The aforementioned players were superstars, but now the squad is reliant on this vague concept of "Team-ness."

Having a 2 point guard lineup in the last 4 minutes of the game with no center is negligent. There is no other coach in the league who pulls that S--- on a weekly basis.

All I want from George Karl is to focus on ONE GAME AT A TIME. Not a practice. Not save the timeouts. Not play favorites.

Exhibit 5 - New Starting Lineup

All that was said to say this. Lets try something new. 4-5 is not Nuggets basketball. Let be open to changes.

Andre Miller

Andre Igoudala

Danilo Galinari

Kenneth Faried

Javale McGee


Ty Lawson, Corey Brewer, Jordan Hamilton, Kosta Kofous.

it was long, if you read this far then plz follow me on twitter i will follow back

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