It's time for a change, though realisticly I don't see one being made. None the less I would like plead my case.

1. I simply cannot stand his lineups.

A. Andre Miller is arguably the best backup PG in the game. But thats what he is, a backup PG. He should not be playing SG along side Ty Lawson. In the Suns/Nuggets game especially, He was the Go-To guy in the 4th Q and I can't even begin to understand why.

Ab. His "small-ball" lineups, piggybacking off the Miller annoyance. Kenneth Faried at 6'8 sometimes has trouble guarding other PF's, he shouldn't be asked to play center. Same goes for Gallo, he doesn't have the physicality to play

C. Jordan Hamilton should be playing! He worked and trained ALL offseason at Pepsi Center, and should be rewarded the minutes he deserves. He is a great shooter and an improved defender. J-Ham Started opening night in place for an injured Gallo, played 12 minutes but has played a combined 5 Minutes in the 7 Prior games! His stat avg. for the year: 50% FG, 4.0 pts, 2 rebs and 1ast. I also think Anthony Randolph should be our backup PF. He's a 6'11 shot blocker with a lot of potential. He should be ahead of Wilson Chandler and Mozgov who are currently both backing up Faried at PF.

2. His sideline Leadership

I know he's 61 years old and is a cancer survivor, but he needs to show some intensity on the sidelines! Seemingly all he ever does is sit and smirk from the sidelines. He should be standing and yelling out advise to help our players. Javale McGee stands on the sidelines for than he does. Javale is always standing and cheering at good plays and keeping the energy going from the Bench! I'd like to see more drive and Emotions (Good or Bad) from his spot on the sidelines.

3. Timeouts

A lot of times Karl doesn't call timeouts because he likes to let the game play out. But timeouts are crucial. An example is from the last game against PHX, the nuggets had a 10point lead and we're controlling the game in 1st Q, all of a Sudden the Suns start a mini run. The Nuggets were getting beat play after play, but no timeouts from Karl, soon the game was tied after a 12-2 run by PHX. There needed to be a timeout to stop the momentum so we could get back in control.

We ended up losing that game, and the loss was largely due to Coach blunders. These Blunders seem to be a reoccurring theme. Karl has had a great run with the Nuggets, but its time for a new mind running the show. It's a VERY longshot, but theres nothing Phil Jackson wants more than to destroy the Lakers. If we got him that would be Franchise history changing big.

As a Nuggets fan all I want is success, from our team. User: rxmart2 just had a very insightful Pro-Karl post, check that out to. If you agree with me, Comment or post on Twitter using the hashtag #FireGeorgeKarl. Thanks for reading and Go Nuggets!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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