Top 10 Takes From Nuggets - Thunder Game

I attended the Nuggets Thunder pre-season game in OKC on Monday night and came away with a number of impressions following the game:

1) Need for a 3rd PG - I really think the Nuggets are going to need to scour the waiver wires for a legitimate 3rd PG. With Andre Miller starting to show his years, Stone injured and unproven, and AC, well he's AC, the Nuggets are going to need a speedy PG to back-up Ty at some point this season.

2) Give Javale the Starting Center Spot - Javale showed amazing athleticism in OKC, with two incredible lob dunks and a really nice dream shake. He will get better and be more consistent. but needs minutes to do so. Let's give the starting job to Javale and let him go. Also, think about KK as a power forward.

3) Faried's Defensive Liabilities - Against the twin towers in OKC, Manimal showed some vulnerability on defense and rebounding against bigger players. No doubt, he tries hard, but size limitation make a difference against teams with two bigs on the floor.

4) Gallo Getting It - Gallo played one of his best games as a Nugget. He was aggressive on offense, and made shots.

5) Brewer Looks Set for a BIG Contract Year - Cbrew looks really solid. He appears to have worked on his outside shot over the summer and continues to bring amazing energy.

6) Iggy a stabilizing force - AI is a real stabilizing force on the floor. He is still learning his teammates, but he is going to be a force this year. His lob off the backboard dunk was the play of the night.

7) Ty Still rounding into game shape. . Ty showed flashes tonight, but still has yet to put together that dominating game the Nuggs are going to need most nights. Is he a bit distracted right now?

8) Chandler break through - During the Nuggs BIG 19 point comeback, Chandler was one of the keys. He played great defense, rebounded and hit a really tough shot in the paint. This was a confidence builder for IlWil.

9) Karl Doesn't Like JHam - Nuggs could have used JHam's shooting with the way OKC packed the lane, but Karl refused to play his best shooter. Something tells me this relationship ain't gonna work.

10) Post Scoring/3 Point Shooting - - Nuggs have practically no post scoring with Andre Miller's decline. Masai is going to need to find a post scorer and 3 point shooter.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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