Golden Nuggets: Nuggets' coming - best recognize

Excuse me, while I gush for a bit about our Denver Nuggets. A team that just beat a highly dysfunctional (at the moment) Kings team that was on a second night of a back-to-back-to-back and in Denver, but nonetheless it was a refreshing and exhilarating win that reinforces why I believe this Nuggets team may be a serious threat in the NBA this season.

There's much to love about this team. My personal favorite player, Danilo Gallinari, had what seemed to be a very pedestrian stat line with 8 points. Yet, I think he played his most complete game of the year in the little minutes he was on the floor. Playing great team defense with 2 steals and dishing out 3 assists (could have been at least five if Kosta Koufos wasn't fouled on each attempt after the pass).

Koufos, Timofey Mozgov and fan-favorite Kenneth Faried put on a show that the whole Pepsi Center crowd enjoyed. Even Rudy Fernandez got in on the action. You know ... with a certain play I like to call:


Rudy Fernandez throws over-the-head, no-look alley-oop to Kenneth Faried: Kings at Nuggets (via nbavideosnow2)

I understand that Nate had this highlight in his recap (which he stole from me in the email I sent him). I feel no shame in showing it to you again. That oop was so spectacular it made me yelp out loud while I was using the tread climber at the gym. Sick ... just sick.

I'm seeing very good things for the future of this team. IF they can stay healthy (hopefully Nene comes back) they are so deep, and so committed to defense that it's both exciting and exhilarating to watch. I was going to say something about hopefully the national media takes notice, but ... who cares? I kind of thrive off the general disrespect and I think the Nuggets do too. I say, let us stay the best secret in the NBA.

Makes it that much better when we prove them wrong, y'all!

On to the links!

Balanced, hot-shooting Denver Nuggets run record to 5-2 - Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
For those who, gosh darn it, can't get enough recap here it is from the Denver Post. A sterling and concise recap from our friend, Hooch.

Kiszla: Nuggets are in good hands with Ty Lawson running the show - Mark Kiszla, Denver Post
Well, any time Mark Kiszla decides to not write a snarky, negative column it's a good thing. Here is a nice, positive article about the Nuggets point guard and (happily for me) aggressive new star, Ty Lawson.

Report Card: Nuggets complete amazing alley-oop - Ben Golliver,
Our friend Ben Golliver from CBS/Blazers Edge grades the Rudy Fernandez and Kenneth Faried alley-oop dunk quite appropriately in my opinion. See if you agree.

George Karl talks a variety of subjects including the Nuggets depth - 1043 The
A link to the audio interview Joel Klatt and Mike Evans conducted with coach George Karl yesterday morning. Going over a variety of subjects. Well worth a listen.

NUGGETS: Faried, Fernandez put exclamation point on Nuggets' victory- Aaron Lopez,
Another recap from A-Lo. Great win for the Nuggets last night.

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