How long do we go with….?

Liking our team so far. But I think that there are four question marks when it comes to our players. Please comment, add any other question marks you believe merit attention.

Timofey Mozgov

Big supporter of starting and developing the big Russky but a few good spot performances last year, and one mediocre performance this season, his general play has bordered on Tebow’s play. That is, he hasn’t done the minimum that you need a Center to do.

IMO: Cant teach height, bulk, athleticism. Shows a willingness to work and learn. Has a fluid shooting motion. Big men should get a little more rope. Nurture him for at least 50 games, then re-evaluate his role in the playoffs. Even if he rotates out, should still check him out next season, after a a summer off and a full preseason.

Rudy Fernandez

Is one of the skilled NBAers who, the more they play, the more they disappoint. Seems willing, unselfish. But how long do we stick with an important rotation player who clangs shot after shot. Missing JR yet?

IMO: We should stay with Rudy until Wilson Chandler is through with Chinese team. If Rudy continues to stink, we should go hard after Will. Imagine Will coming in for Gallo, Nene, AAA and providing that toughness? Even if a starter goes down, Will could move into starting lineup seaminglessly.


A tough one to figure. With his basic skills, speed, great defensive abilities, he should be an anchor for our Nuggets. Instead I am left wondering if his shooting and speed are co-habitating outside of Aron’s body.

IMO: Look, we’re heavily invested ($) in AAA. No real reason to think that Aron will not shake the cobwebs and be our leader. However, if he continues to disappoint, how nice would it be to replace some of his playing time with that man again, Wilson Chandler?


If ever there was a riddle, wrapped in an enigma…’s our Danillo. Having the best year (small sample) if you look at PER, his shooting has been Brewer-like. His all-around game and athleticism has gone straight up while his outside shot has remained back in Milan. How frustrating.

IMO: If Gallo’s shooting woes persist for the foreseeable future, it will be one of the biggest sports brain locks since, well I can’t really remember, maybe that Cardinal World Series pitcher who couldn’t find the plate (Rick Ankiel?).

I can’t believe that Gallo has lost his outside shot for good and believe that his lack of confidence is temporary. His upside is really high. I say he gets the whole year. But like AAA, his playing time can, should, go down especially in the playoffs, if he can’t contribute at expectable level.

Again, how nice would it be to have Will ready to go if Gallo doesn’t play well?

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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