Shh...I secretly still like Melo

Well, the headline said it all. The secret's out. I'm still a Melo fan. It seems as though after all the dust has settled and time has passed, I find myself still pulling for him

There are probably some emotional reasons behind this. I mean, he did lead us to arguably the best run in Nuggets history. I did go to game 2 of the WCF in LA and watched them pull of the victory with a Melo led Nuggets team. Also, when I told my 4 year old Melo was no longer on the Nuggets...he cried.

However, I do have some very rational reasons why, as a Nuggets fan, we should not be upset with him. Here they are:

1) He told us he wanted out - this was incredibly helpful because we were able to get something in return for him. Unlike when Mutombo left, we were able to turn an asset into more assets. He didn't have to do this. Granted, he wanted max money and could only get that in a sign and trade, but he could have figured that out after the season the way Bron and Bosh did.

2) Made the Nuggets relevant - players like Melo don't come around all that often. He's no MJ or Shaq, but I think he's on Scottie Pippen's level. As a Nugget, he brought us back to a level of national importance. And, per point number one, he made us a better team. I think Masai and Josh had a lot to do with that, but he improved as a player every year and gave the Nuggets a strong asset. He's like a rising stock that we traded at the right time.

3) He gave us unforgetable moments - big shots, playoff wins, trip to the WCF, and now the deepest roster in the NBA thanks to his desire to be traded.

I think Melo will go down as perhaps the greatest Nugget in my generation. I never saw David Thompson play and remember English vaguely. With the team we have now, we don't have a stand out player, we have a great team. In a few years, rocking a Melo throw back will be alright and I think much will be forgiven.

Here's to HOPING for a Nuggets-Knicks finals this year (not going to happen, but it would make for great TV). I wish him the best and find myself pulling for the Knicks in any game they don't play the Nuggets.

Is that so wrong?

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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