Thoughts from the Knicks game

First and foremost, congratulations to the Denver Nuggets, they are slowly turning into road warriors. Both teams looked really really tired, but then got things going. NY got things going a bit earlier than Denver, but it was an excellent game, one that had positives and negatives for both teams.


Mozgov: he looked like he had something to prove, he was around the basket at all times, made beautiful cuts, and played for a good while. He held his own against a physical frontline and had some excellent blocks. I have noticed that he is getting more and more burn, which seems to be working in his favor.

Tyson Chandler: The guy is a force, but was a bit quiet tonight. When he wasn't in the game it was a completely different attitude for the knicks. Fouled out- that was key for a nuggets victory.

Nene: Looked physical at times and extremely soft other times (its Nene what do you expect). There were certain matchups he had against Chandler that completely made me believe he was All Star Caliber... but then he followed up by missing easy lay ups and looking to the refs to get bailed out. However his two key free throws at the end of the first overtime were HUGE!!!!

Stat: He looks like he has lost a step, he got to the rim, and many a time could not finish. He was missing early shots, but then got it going. I felt the technical he got was well complained for as he was bodied enough for a call.

Gallo: Made many New Yorkers eyes pop! holy hell, did this guy put in some work today or what? 17 free throws made 19 attempted 37 points 10 rebounds. Gallo was everywhere. He did a great job on Melo for the first three quarters (more on that below). Hit BIG shots and continued toward the rim. Often it seemed that he was the only player for the nuggets looking to the rim when others where working sideline to sideline.

Melo: what can I say, Melo was Melo. He hit big shots, got his points, continued to play even though he was in foul trouble, and held the ball. Say what you will about Melo, but there is no denying the skill he has. He make plays when they matter, and is one of the clutchest players in the NBA. He can score at will. Today was a microcasm of everything Melo was in Denver: He played and got played. Gallo held his own on Melo, until Melo finally decided that his shot wasn't falling and he needed to get to the rim. He held onto the ball only to pass the ball in order to get the ball again. Stunningly amazing shot to send the game to overtime and the rest is history (for the Nuggets) Big buckets from Melo kept NY in the game, just as they did for the Nuggets.

Ty: he was almost invisible tonight. The knicks (Shumpert especially) had a game plan, and that was to stop the penetration, which was usually caused by Ty. got to the rim a bunch of times but couldn't finish.

Shumpert: this guy is the real deal, he can defend, he can shoot, he can create...his own shot. I know he started at the 1 but this guy has to be a SG. He has a bright future as long as he is played in the correct position. Good pick by the Knicks.

Dre: another dre night quietly totaled a double double. I felt he had the play of the night when he hit that crazy three in overtime. I told my wife "now they are going to win the game." He has been a god send for the nuggets.

Fields: played his game and looked like what he is...the third option. His efforts on the defensive end made up for some lapses caused by his teammates. I was hoping we could've landed this guy in the trade but NY wisely held on to him.

nuggets bench: In a word....Harrington. That was it. Brewer played wildly out of control whenever he got the ball, I am glad that we didn't see the bird. Back to Harrington- came out thinking he was god's gift to the three point shot, nothing was falling it was so bad that the ball was even trying to tell him not to shoot, because he air balled on consecutive shots. But good for Harrington for following through, he and Gallo hit the big shots down the stretch.

NY bench: they came alive tonight. Bill Walker? That Bill Walker. yeah, he couldn't miss a shot to begin, but thankfully he came back down to earth. Toney Douglas...I can see why NY fans cringe when he is in the game, he had at least four pull up three pointers that BADLY missed, it came to the point where the boo birds started to fly. Harrelson and Jefferies came in and provided the same amount of energy the starters did (interpret that however you want). Jefferies was always willing to take the charge which caused TY to hover instead of drive.

Final word: Nuggets got through the 4 game five night in the hardest fashion possible. I will say this about the knicks, once they find someone to control the ball, they will be darn good. Maybe that is Baron Davis, maybe not. It is definitely not Douglas or Shumpert. If they somehow got Nash or Williams (both rumors) then that would be the beginning of a prosperous run for the Knicks.

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