How to make Denver a contender tomorrow (trades)

First of all, let's STOP with the doom and gloom ten games into the season. Normally that type of nonsense belongs on a site like RMC, but we are starting to see it here.

Nonetheless, the Nuggets do have a glaring weakness that may or may not be rectified on it's own. There was much talk of Nene being able to dominate when paired up with a center, but that just hasn't happened. Why? It's because Mosgov and Kouf do not complement Nene's skills. So instead of Nene going up against a smaller defender, he's become the recipient of numerous double teams because the other "big" just doesn't have the offensive skill to be a threat. That's all well and good because Nene is a great passer, but neither Kouf nor Mosgov have developed positioning without the ball. Normally we could wait out prospects like Mos/Kouf, but this team is TOO GOOD RIGHT NOW to wait on their development.

Fortunately their are several options that can really bolster Denver in the front court. I'll try to go over each option in order from most desirable (but possibly least likely) to least desirable.

Option #1 (aka I'd sh*t my pants)

Denver trades: Melo TPE, Timofey Mosgov, Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton, Danillo Gallinari, 4 first round draft pics

Denver receives: Dwight Howard and Hedo Turk

Likelihood - Very little, although this has more to do with Otis Smith than Masai Ujiri

Why Denver does this - Denver becomes and instant contender with the most formidable front line in the game and a "young star guard" that's playing better than Deron Williams right now. They lose depth, but will still be 10 deep. I don't see how Dwight Howard leaves this team regardless of what Dallas or whomever has to offer.

Why Orlando does this - Money, and the future. Orlando receives 2 young players to burn in Faried/Hamilton, a rising star in Gallinari, and two 7 footers. The draft picks will help in the future, but most importantly they can shed Hedo's salary for nothing, which is HUGE because Orlando is over the cap. This is a much better option than NJ can offer, but it really depends on the direction Orlando wants to go. If they want to remain competitive, then this deal makes no sense.

OPTION #2 - Instant improvement

Denver trades : Melo TPE + 2 first round picks + Timofey Mosgov

Denver receives : Anderson Verajao

Likelihood - Fairly likely. It's a low risk, high reward move.

Why Cleveland does this - AV doesn't figure to be in Cleveland's future because his career arc doesn't mesh with their young players. All he's doing at this point is preventing the Cav's from accumulating lotto balls.

Why Denver does this - AV might be the most underrated center in the league, plus he's on a friendly contract. He is the best PnR defender in the game, plus he's a good rebounder/finisher. Denver could do wonders with a non-stiff starting at the 5. Most importantly, this takes pressure off Nene.

OPTION #3 - Instant improvement, but problems in the future.

Denver gives up : Melo TPE + Timofey Mosgov and Chris Anderson

Denver receives : Emeka Okafor

Likelihood - Easier, but less likely because this move is more risky

Why NO does this - Derrrrr $$$$$. Emeka has 3 years left on his contract, is overpaid @ 13mil/year, and like AV is preventing NO from accumulating lotto balls. I really think they would dump Emeka for a TPE at this point.

Why Denver does this - For as overpaid as Emeka is, the guy plays great defense and has always been tough on the boards. Like Anderson, he's no stiff when it comes to finishing.

OPTION #4 - Blech

Denver gives up - 2 firsts + Melo TPE

Denver receives - Chris Kaman

Likelihood - depends on if Stan wants to open up his pocketbook for a rental.

Why NO does this - Depends on the best deal for Kaman, but I think the $$$ savings and first rounders might be enough.

Why Denver does this - Not sure to be honest. Kaman is ok and does rebound, but he's nothing more than a short term solution... plus he's never been efficient and has ball-stopping tendencies. I also think him being an expiring makes him the most desirable big on the market for contending teams....

Which brings me to this conclusion. DENVER IS IN GOOD SHAPE. If you look at the teams that are in the market for bigs (LAC, BOS, NYK, MEM, LAL), none of them can offer what the Nuggets can! Picks, check. Salary dump? check. Young talent? You bet. Other than Dwight Howard, Denver will have their pick of bigs to choose from should they choose to go that route, and I definitely think they should sooner rather than later.

ps I feel like adding Josh Smith, but with ATL's recent success I don't think he's on the market.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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