Denvers Next frontcourt player

Well here we go.


Offseason 2011, almost as bad as season 2010-11 in terms of mix up and drama.


Kenyon, JR, Nene (if opts out), ely.  FAs

WC, AAA, Forbes RFAs

thats 3 front court players (well 2 really, but our starting 2).

now we did get the Moz, and Kousfos, and we still have Al harrington,  but to think that can get it done in the NBA, is living in a fairy tale land.

Hopefully, we can get Nene to sign and extenison and possibily bring Kenyon back on the cheap, 

either way its time to start thinking about our frontcourt for the future.  Kenyons is faded, and Nene is no spring chicken either. 

available PFs and C -


David West (way to risky in my opinion and doesnt really give the Nugs much, a smaller nene with a little more range)

Glen Davis (ugh, if we wanna get an even smaller david west)

Hilton armstrong, jason collins, etan thomas, and josh powell ( leave em, unless dwight goes LA, then get collins as a dwight stopper bench guy, none are big enough upgrade from Moz and Kouf to waste our time with)

Shaq - old

Krstic - nah, another white stiff but older

troy murphy -  only if we were contending even then he doesnt supply us with the tough inside presence we'll need if kenyon goes, plus he is old.

Kwame - hah

Pryz - interesting, if we kept nene could go the athletic pf defensive C route mephis has, but he is old and injury prone

Kurt thomas - he is still alive?

Tyson chandler -too old and Cuban will overpay

Wilcox - ugh

Hayes - interesting but if paired with nene then a total waste, two undersized guys who dont rebound or defend the rim well.  if we lose nene then possible poor mans replacement.

Yao - seems way too risky for my liking.

McRobert - not bad but if he's our starting frontcourt answer we are in for a lot of lotto balls

Craig smith - tough cld be a good enforcer if kenyon leaves, not starting caliber

theo ratliff, joe smith - pass

Erick Dampier, Juwan Howard, Jamaal Magloire - if we wanted to party like it was 1999

Eddy Curry - hahahahahaha

Humpheries - bet he resigns, like his rebounding and grit, but he isnt really starting caliber either and is just a glorified (cause he bangs kim kardashian) McRoberts

Landry - cldnt be paired with Nene, seems better suited as a 6th man,  but does now how to score in the frontcourt something that is lacking this offseason in the FA market.

Mbenja - eh

Nazr mohammed -  wldnt mind as a back up but we dont need a bench full of 7 footers that cant score we have two in Moz and Kouf.

Darius Songaila, Tony Battie, malik allen - pass

Sammy D - interesting, cld be an excellant pairing with nene, maybe our best FA choice, but i wldnt pay what his last contract cost for him. 12 a year

reggie evans - we need a rebounder, but he is a hole offensively.

frensnko - reunite the kouf


Yi -if u call him a frontcourt player, wld give us an all-star tho with all those chinese votes

Joey dorsey - an even poorer mans glen davis

Greg oden - biggest boom or bust FA available (well RFA), if we hit we cld be immediate contendors if not throw away a couple dozen million, i dont even think he is insurable anymore

Thaddeus young, spencer hawes - Id guess they keep young, wldnt really want him he is a sf/pf like gallo and WC. Spencer is another white stiff, but not a tough one.

Jason smith - pass

brendan wright - actually kind of like him, but doesnt really help our size and toughness quotient in the frontcourt as he is a slight pf who plays kinda like a SF

Marc Gasol - if we kept nene, perfect compliment, we'd be memphis but better.  however he is going to be pricey to acquire via an RFA market. 

DeAndre jordan - wld love to get jordans athletisim and Defense out of the Center position and move Nene to pf, still young, inconsistent, lacking offense and not sure how high of a ceiling considering he will get pricey to acquire via RFA< will take a lot for them not to match

Jonas Jerbko - i really like him, but he isnt what we need, another sf/pf type

Jeff green - they are matching him for whatever, since he cost them perkins.


didnt put option players in since i believe most will accept since the new CBA will be more restriciting (of course our main one is the most likely to not accept his option)


not much out there really.  true difference makers and potential starters only appear to be Marc Gasol, Greg Oden, and DeAndre Jordan, and maybe Sammy Dalmebert, all RFAs except Sammy D. West depending on how he returns from injury can be a difference maker, dont think he would play well with nene, but as a replacement maybe.

I think our best shot for the future of the nugs may be in the one thing the Nuggets avoid like the plague, the NBA draft.   Nugs pick at 22

Prospects projected for mid-late 1st rd or later PF/Cs

Morris twins - think either would be nice for the Nugs. probably will go too early

Dontas Motiejunas- probably goes too high, but a 7 footer, although a euro one.  good scorer, passer, and smart, but thin and weak.

Faried - a little small, but a great rebounder and shot blocker only 6-8, but atheltic with good hops and wingspan. a tenacious little rebounder we could use.  has asthma tho, will Mile High altitude impact.  compared to Rodman, will probably go a little too high,

Lucas Nogueira - yes, Nene will definately resign then.  big, rebounds, and defends, and we could corner the brazilian market.

Trey Thompkins - not super athletic, but one of the better offense Frontcourt prospects we cld feasible nab, solid rebounder and shot-blocker also.

Justin Harper - stretch 4, id prefer a true paint beast. good in open court tho, which shld be Nugs game with Lawson. labled soft and a subpar rebounder though.

Jon Leuer - good shooting big, but not a big rebounder or athletic specimen. 

JaJuan Johnson - shot blocker, athletic, big, but seems to have a poor bball IQ.

Keith Benson - long atheltic, but labled as cant defend positon, not a good sign, but maybe hess can turn him into a beast.

Jordan Williams - labled as one of the true low post players in the draft, a little undersized at 6-10 tho, strong physical but doesnt have perimeter game or quickness.

Nikola Vucevic - good shooter, decent rebounder, not super athletic, or a good passer.

Jeremy Tyler - ?s skipped High school and college, cant be too smart.  but big and atheltic, and may fall due to choice to not paly american ball currently in japan.

Joffrey Lauvergne - young and athletic, but needs some time. only 19. good shooter, needs strength, french.

Reggie Johnson - has conditioning issues, but a huge center at 300 lbs, only 6 10 tho. good rebounder and scorer in paint, physical.


after looking at the Fa's and the draft, it may be better for the nugs to try and acquire a PF/C in the draft, maybe even buy another pick, or get another one in a felton/WC trade, and get 2 frontcourt prospects.


hopefully we can resign Nene tho, but we still need to be getting more athletic and young in the frontcourt.

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