Ty Lawson: George Karl's Pointguard and Golden Tidbits

This kid is a prodigy.

We all know it. We have sensed his Chris Paul-esque potential to take over games due to the utter collapse of opposing defenses. You know, when he plays the one man role wrecking ball that is quick and slippery as a greased weasel and finishes with a pretty layup or creative pass to a cutting wing or big.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are watching that happen. We are at a point where we expect that to happen.

I can't cite a specific time when it happened - but Nuggets Nation (myself 100% included) - has invested a lot of trust in Ty. What happened is, we are past the possibility of the "fluke" worries one could possibly have with breakout play of a  young talent. He has shown consistently and confidently that he is a leader and initiator o offense. He has the ability to put his imprint on the game at an All Star level. That, my friends - along with fellow N.C. alum Raymond Felton's similar unbridled speed, toughness, leadership, and ability to make things happen. These guys are definitely George Karl guys - you can feel it (pun intended, but remorsefully so).

Golden Tidbits:

  • Here is a fair Question: Who is better on defense, Danilo Gallinari or Dirk, the player with which his offensive game is most compared.
  • You know whats funny? This team looks a lot like the Milwaukee Bucks when Karl coached them. Just imagine the year is 2011 and you are sitting in front of a much crappier TV. This team played with a similar aggressiveness, speed, and passing ability to the Nuggets - and of course running Karl offense. We make fun of Karl's offense, but his teams score a hell of a lot of points, and win every year.
  • A little more Bucks, along with Shaq and Kobe. Together. Yeah, I remember those days, but man this feels like forever ago!! The 2001 playoffs were really interesting that year!
  • Have you heard of Headbanditis? It is an often rare medical condition pertaining to head band wearers and their ability to make good basketball decisions. Some players heads get so swollen from headbanditis that they hinder their team's ability to conduct an offense. J.R. took off his headband and has been in a recovery phase from this terrible affliction. Doctors say that in two weeks, he could make a full recovery. That means, in terms of the playoffs, he should be day to day. All Harrington refused to comment.
  • The battle for K-Mart continues: It goes like this. First there was Kenyon Martin. Manchild out of Cincinnati. K-Mart. Kenyon "I will dunk on you and call you a bitch" Martin. Then Kevin Martin came along. People said "Kenyon is washed up, Kevin Martin, that sharpshooter from the Sacramento Kings, is the New K-Mart." And then they snickered and snorted down the rest of their fresca. Then, time passed. Everyone in the league realized that Kevin Martin doesn't play defense. And now, again, the title rests with the best K-Mart in the NBA - the (light) blue light special.
  • But wait! There is more. The Rockets have been stupid good since the All Star break, even nibbling at the heals of Memphis for a morsel of a chance to continue their season. It won't happen, but Kevin Martin's defense is less bad in Houston, and he has played more consistency from what I have seen. I pose you this question: Which is the better K-Mart? Right now? I still think it is our home town heart of the team. Kenyon "Godzilla dunk I will kill you nasty tattoo lipsneck" Martin.
  • Little Known fact: Kenyon Martin is ranked at #1 on most depth charts as the very best of any athletes to get lips Tattooed  on their neck. Former Nugget Mark Pope came in 7th.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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