Intimidation Factor and Golden Tidbits

I'm talking about Timofey Mozgov - and one potential style change that could turn him into the team's enforcer for the playoffs.

He should cut his hair.

But he would have to do something totally badass. Could you imagine him rocking a mowhawk?

What about a fade?

Ok, maybe not the fade. What about the Ivan Drago? Maybe that will get a few votes - I know many a Nuggets fan is relishing the "I must break you" interior play of Timofey.

I see him as a good alternate to Bird on nights when the Nuggets are forced into the half court. They could probably even play alongside eachother to form a long, athletic tandem of shot blockers who can come from the weak side, and both of them combined probably could spell Nene and Kenyon for a while.

A style change could help him bring that energy that Bird brings when he enters the game. It is good to have big guys that make defensive plays happen.

And now for the Golden Tidbits:

  • Speaking of "breaking", Nene is a legitim ate bruiser in the paint. Literally. Check Steve Blake's face, and just about every opposing front court player in the league. I guarantee the trainers of opposing teams probably prepare extra ice when their team's play Nene.
  • Gallo should get a haircut too. I think our whole team should get Mohawks, personally. That would just be so quaintly thugget, it would make my little Thugget heart melt.
  • Kenyon Martin is still in his prime. The slow decline has begun, but not by any means as far as most "analysts" and pessimistic Nuggets fans seem to think. I think those analysts aren't familiar with the term "Beast Mode".
  • I bet Afflalo was so pissed he couldn't be in there on some of those plays defending Kobe. That play where he just lost everyone within the last two minutes for an easy dunk - I think I saw him grimace so hard he could have pulled his quad again.
  • The Nuggets no longer have Nikoloz "Not Dirk" Tzkitishvili, but they have picked up a clone of who they thought they were drafting back in '03: Danilo Gallinari.
  • Jeff Van Gundy is the weirdest person alive. I just know that somehow the cards will unfold and he is going to end up coaching the Knicks at some point next year. I don't actually see any scenario where this does not happen.
  • Jerry Sloan said (and I paraphrase) "I would consider coming back to coaching if the situation was right." Where could you see him going? Because I know a team that is probably going to have a vacant slot ar the head coach position - the Lakers next year. Kobe could get Sloan his ring, and Sloan could guide Kobe and the crew to a possible "Four-peat". What if... What if...
  • What if two teams not named the Celtics, Lakers, or Spurs end up in the finals this year? This is by no means a prediction, but would anyone else want to see the Bulls and Nuggets go at it for a possible clash of red and powder blue? Joakim/Boozer vs. Nene/Kenyon. Rose vs Ty/Felton. I'm just saying...
  • Gallinari runs to the rim with all the bravado of rambo but with the grace of a newborn colt on roller skates. When he gets the dunk or the layup thats great, but some of the other times he goes crashing into the basket, I actually hope there is someone on the other team to run into him. His free throw percentage (barring yesterday's game) is excellent.
  • I think there are only two sights at Nuggets that make me laugh more than J.R.'s "I didn't commit that foul" face. Those two are Kenyon's "Y'all are Bitches!" strut we saw him do at the sidelines yesterday, and the fact that Carmelo managed to conduct himself publicly with dignity until getting to N.Y., then melting down and refusing to speak to the media after a game.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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