Pick-up basketball: The update

Greetings Stiffs:

Thank you for the overwhelming response in my initial plea to get you away from your laptops and televisions and onto the hardcourt for some friendly basketball. I just wanted to make my last update before the summer is upon us to start firming up some plans to meet and offer up an e-mail address in which you may contact me to show interest and get updates on times and locations. I know, I hate spam, too. But I don't think it is appropriate to clog up the Nuggets fan site organizing this, hence this will be my last post on the matter.

My e-mail address:

What we know so far: Nessy has a gym in the NW Denver Metro area, not too far from Boulder. And the consensus is to try to get together there a couple times a month on a Monday or Wednesday or maybe Friday night. I don't think any of that has been decided. But plans were coalescing around this before the thread naturally petered out.

This wouldn't be able to start until after the 15th of May, which is fine with me, as I'm running the Colfax Half Marathon that day and I can focus on training in the mean time.

I know that a lot of Stiffs live in the Parker area. I want to encourage them to maybe set something up there. Then the NW Stiffs can take on the SE Stiffs for bragging rights, or something.

Below is a list of Stiffs how expressed intrest:

Jeffrey Morton (kinda)
Phil H

I didn't count those who were interested but outside of the Metro area. And there are at least two others that I know might be interested that didn't post in the intitial thread. That's 18 people. So if just half show up and bring a few friends, we can easily get some 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 going.

And: As I said, I'm open for suggestions about good places to play pick-up ball. I personally prefer to play outside. Trouble with parks is you just never know if enough people will show up for a game. I run a lot at Wash Park and sometimes there are good games there. Sometimes not. So if anyone knows of anything steady, e-mail me. I'll keep it on the D/L.

Last point: I'll be at Jake's tonight cheering for the Nuggets and will be happy to twist your arm a little bit to play some hoops.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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