DON’T go to Saturday’s  game!

That's right!

If you already believe that we lost and you have tickets, please give them to someone who will cheer their nuts off.

We dont need your negativity in the Pepsi Center on Saturday.

I mean, really, what has happened? We had a great 6 weeks and have hit a roadblock. But really, all that we did was lose 2 games we should lose. The Thunder, in OKC, is tough.

The Thunders best win against us was that 1st game in Denver. The other, 3 were on their home court. They are supposed to win those, esp when the crowd gets in the ref's heads.

And, that brings me to you guys. What happened when the Thunder went down 23 - 10 in the 1st game. I'll tell you.

The fans screamed and stomped, eyes bulging, saliva drooling down their chins until they actually influenced the reffing.

That's the NBA. You can do the same. But not if you are going to go to the game with your faces down and shoulders drooping.

Look at the Knicks. Freakin fans in NY actually think the Knicks are going to win. Why? beyond me because the Knicks were 500 hundred pre and post trade and lost 1st 2 games in Boston. (For the record, I think the Cs are old and the Ks can win)

We kicked some serious butt for 6 weeks, almost won game 1,and now we got no chance? Come on now. Things change.

You Can Help! Fans influence players and refs. Help out guys.

You guys are acting shellshocked based on the last 7 years. This is another year, another team completely.

I'm not predicting a win because I'm not stupid. We ARE down 2 - 0.  But we have OKC in the Pepsi Center where we win pretty consistently.

Turn this into a 2 out of 3 or 7th game winner take all, and I'll take my chances.

But if you attendees start with your basketball depression, the Thunder is going to kill us because they thrive off of that stuff.

For the record, I saw the Thunder come into NY and get their behinds whipped. I saw the Thunder practically unravel in game 1, 1st quarter, against us. I saw them give up a lead late in the game and rely on botched call to grab that win. They got 70something points from their stars and still almost lost.

Oh, and if you need some prodding, how about Westbrook making like its high noon every time he hits a shot. I've come to really HATE that guy.

Tell him how you feel! Or at least tell him how I feel all the way here in NY.

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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