melos yellows now the mile high club.

hola stiffs, heres an email i just received from the newly minted mile high club...

"The Mile High Club will be the new name of Melo’s Yellows. With the departure of

 Carmelo Anthony a few months ago we had to select a new identity for our section. I

appreciate all the suggestions and feedback during this process. It was a tough decision

and with the always changing environment in the NBA we did not want to name it after

one specific player. Especially how well they are playing as a team since Melo's


Later this week I will unveil the section’s new look, it will include the same Nuggets

color scheme with the "Mile High City" and the Colorado flag as the main elements. We

wanted the name and logo to be a combination of symbolic elements that reflect the

culture and geography of Denver, as well as the entertaining and pleasurable

atmosphere of the section.

In conjunction with the change I will be update the facebook page and add a twitter

account. We will try to use these outlets to make the section better than ever. I will

probably keep this email because it will just be easier or may link it with another new

email account.

As most of you know the season ends this Wednesday so we will know who we are

playing and when we are playing by Thursday morning. We will be the #5 seed and a

high probability we will play the OKC Thunder. Looking at past seasons games 3 and 4

will more than likely fall between April 21st and 25th with a possible game on Easter Sunday.

On Thursday I will send out an email with all information for the 2011 Playoffs including

game times, prices, t-shirt information, pickup information, payment information and

most importantly how to make sure you are part of the Mile High Club.

I am currently in discussion with a couple of bars working on drink specials before and

after the game for Mile High Club members. I am also looking at bars who will host

viewing parties for the road games, which start this weekend. If you have any hookups

or suggestions let me know.

If you have already emailed me about tickets I did receive it and have not responded to

anyone yet, I was getting an accurate count of requests. We are right around 200 per

game and I am hoping to accommodate all ticket requests but we may have a wait-list

like past years.

Thanks again for all you support and I look forward to seeing everyone at the first

home game!"

personally, i love the colorado flag so im looking forward to seeing how they work that into their design.  i tried to find a gif of two giraffes fucking in an airplane bathroom to close this post.  surprisingly, i wasnt able to find much giraffe porn. lame.  so in lieu of two giraffes knockin boots at 5280 feet, how about some mega shark vs. giant octopus?




Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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