Melos Yellows still partying in the uppers...and looking for a new name.

hello stiffs, heres an email i just received from melos yellows...

"With the playoffs three weeks away I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the plan for the 2011 playoffs. Although Melo is gone the section will continue. Without Carmelo the Nuggets are now easy to cheer, hard working, motivated, entertaining and most importantly winning.

I am working right now with the Nuggets on a new name for the section. If you have any suggestions please let me know. We want to name the section something that doesn't involve a player for obvious reasons. A new name with be chosen this week and a twitter, facebook and new email will follow. With twitter it will be easier to get the publicity we have deserved with the local and national media as well as get updates.

More than likely we will be the #5 seed and play Kevin Durant and #4 OKC Thunder. Therefore we will host games 3,4 and 6 of the series. There is a slim possibility we will be the #4 and OKC will be the #5 or we end up #6 and play #3 Dallas Mavericks. We will continue to try and plan pre and post game activities dependent upon the schedule.

Please add on facebook!/melosyellows

Please let me know if you plan on attending and how many people. I know its hard this far in advance especially not knowing the exact date and times. We only have 174 tickets this year compared to 300 last year. So I need to know if we have enough to add another whole section, no overflow this year.


No Melo, No Problem



ive partaken in the melos yellows section in the past and its hella fun.  most everyone is pretty drunk and theres a surprisingly high amount of lovely ladies in the section.  in the past its been $25 for a ticket/tshirt combo.  i would imgaine it will be about the same this year which is a pretty sweet deal.  i plan on attending one first round playoff game with my dad & bro and then another in the melos yellows section with the fellas.  ive also suggested in the past that DS should model an event after melos yellows and buy out section and slap a DS shirt on everyone.  great marketing for DS and good times for the attendees.  anyways, playoffs and spring will soon be in full bloom.  my favorite time of year!

denver up!

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