The aftermath...

Look, most Stiffs and fellow Nugget fans have spent the entire season wondering whats going to happen to our star player.  Is Carmelo going to Lebron us, or will the Nuggets be smart enough to trade him?  Well it all finally happened a few weeks ago.  So how does this shake out for the Nugs?

Carmelo and Chauncey were both the 3rd pick in the draft.  The other Nuggets involved were not consistent contributors IMO to be relevant here

We received Raymond Felton the number 5 pick 5 years ago, Danilo Gallinari the number 6 pick 2 years ago and Wilson Chandler the number 23 pick 3 years ago.  All three were first rounders.  Mozgov went undrafted and we also scored 3 draft picks, one of which is a first.

Now I'm pretty positive most of us will miss Chauncey and what he brought to the team, however Raymond Felton will quickly make us forget all about ole CB.  I've been secretly wanting Felton for years and now we have an extremely young backcourt in TyLaw and RayFelt and 2 deadly SGs in Energizer (AAA) and Swish.  

But what about Carmelo and his 26 points of offense a night?  What on 25 shots?  No thanks, and yea I still love me some Melo, the dude can straight ball out, but Melo where's the defense?  I would rather have Danilo and Chandler then just Carmelo.  Not to mention Danilo and Chandler actually play a little defense.

Whats that you say about defense?  Not the Nuggets, surely they couldn't play any lock down defense.  Truth is we couldn't.  At least not for a full game.  Sans Anthony the Nuggets look determined on the defensive end anchored by another 1st rounder Kenyon Martin.  He was actually taken #1 overall in the 2000 draft.


The team stacks up like this

PG Lawson/Felton

PG Smith/AAA

SF Galli/Chandler

PF/C Nene/Kmart/Anderson

We also have 2 7 footers, Mozgovs a rook and Koufa is in his 3rd year, what happens if some of these big develop?...

We have shooters, speed, defense, length, strength, you name it the Nuggets got it.  Post trade this Nuggets team is better, and I am amped up for the playoffs LETS DO THIS!!

Write respectfully of your SB Nation community and yourself.

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