Nuggets swindled the Knicks like a used CAR salesman.

Nuggets swindled the Knicks, like a used CAR salesman.


Poor Player Personnel Decisions

If the Knicks make it to the championship I will cheer for them. Same with the KNuggets (that’s what we call the new players.) In NYC your fans should follow the Nuggets because we are 8-2 since the trade and have a versatile lineup that seems as though it can match up with anyone. Your players you traded are very very good and we are thankful in Denver. Right now it’s a race between Knicks and Nuggets to see if we can win a title first or at least go far in the playoffs.

I mean no disrespect. I go for the Nuggets, they are my team. Knicks are my 2nd favorite team because I love New York & Melo and Chauncey are some of my favorite players. But your management screwed up—Melo was headed there reguarless. Thanks for four starters tho. I almost feel like Nuggets should give you a draft pick back for sympathy because we robbed the cradle. Denver fans thought we were Cleveland Part II (we still have better overall talent). Imagine if the Knicks had Nene, Harrington, Mosgov, Felton, Chandler and Gallinari because your team had dibs on all these players.

Every game with Carmelo and Chauncey, no matter how much your winning by or how well you’re playing there will be doubt in your mind as to whether the team is about to collapse and give the game away. The team will play to the level of its competition. Versus good opponents you will play great but versus bad opponents you will have some bad, bad losses (watch out for the Central Division.) Take it from me I have watched about 80 nuggets games a year. If you exclude the 4th quarter (which obviously you cannot) an argument can be made Melo and Chauncey were the least effective players on the Nuggets this season.

How could the Knicks give up Chandler and Galinari and Ray and Mosgov (and 3 picks)? Did they try to throw in Sean Williams instead (i.e. if we give you Gallo we have to keep Wilson because for our teams sake). Did they try to swap out AC or Sheldon for Afflalo or Harrington? Their answer was Jared Jeffries? Raymond Felton averaged 17 and 9; by himself he accounts for more points than Carmelo. The expression is “one mans trash is another mans treasure.” 4 starters for 2 starters just doesn’t add up, it seemed like a panic move it was not well thought out.

Nuggets swindled the Knicks like a used CAR salesman.

I’ve been reading about the trade for like a month and I have to take a break nearly every paragraph just to laugh. I can’t believe the Knicks gave us sooo much for Melo. Did James Dolan even watch Nuggets games? The best wins this season [before trade] were vs. Phoenix and vs. Toronto, Melo did not play either of those. (vs. Dallas Melo was HUGE, yet it was Arron Afflalo who hit the last shot) Do you think an NFL team would trade all that without watching every play of every single gametape? The Randy Moss trade and release fiasco got Brad Childress fired from Vikings.

For James Dolan, Knicks Owner, it seems like it only about making money. Many Knicks fans are not happy because Gallo and Chandler were well liked, they were debating for months on their blogs should they trade their young talent for Melo at all? They were concerned about sacrificing the potential of the team for Melo. There was/is heated questioning as to Carmelo Anthonys value at all, was he even a “superstar” to begin with? If he were to come as a free agent, than fine. I feel sympathy for Carmelo because fans of Galinari especially, will disrespect him and never forgive him, especially if Gallo turns into a Dirk Novitzki type and Melo does not win a championship fast. Only time will tell….

Nuggets General Manager Masai Ujiri, seems like a strong candidate for NBA Executive of the Year . Even Carmelo said in Defiant in Denver article Sports Illustrated, "Masai is like Obama. Really good but got thrown into the fire."

Carmelo has regrets

Notice how Melo is still commenting about the Nuggets, he said today (3/14) “it seems like the Denver organization wants me to fail” Duh, master of the obvious. Carmelo you had it perfect here in Denver, even I wrote an article to defend you because I thought you would take control of your own life. It was very likely you could have won a championship here in Denver. Carmelo knew there was/is as much depth on the Nuggets as any other NBA team.

It wasn’t Carmelo who made the decision to leave here, it was his spouse and his “team” of marketers who talked him into New York. A thing to ask Lala would have been, “You want career advancement? What kind of millionaires wife works?” A thing to say to his team of representatives would have been “I am the one who plays in the games. It is I who employs you. As a champion I will be extremely marketable.”

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